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Tuesday, July 5, 2011
67. New Leaf New Life @ Tuesday, July 05, 2011

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Yap I had kind of good start today on my new semester. Surprisingly enjoying my class very well with new lecturer etc and people are pretty friendly considering today is the first day of semester. HAHA very well then, let see if this joy will be till the end. I'd prepare few new resolutions (meant to be broken but not all) and listed it in front of room-mates hoping that they'll scold me if ever I broke the rules. Thinking of the do and don't that could be done in this semester for making it worthwhile. Never online during the day (but I'm doing now), ironing all weeks attire on Sunday and finishing the expected assignment on time, shame to say I rarely done this 3 things well last semester. So I'll try for the current time :| hwaiting. And they're laughing at me. Oh yeah crap.

Yesterday we started to kick off with Computer subject and blimey, our lecturer is a pregnant mum. Expect her to rush in teaching before due date of the baby *clapclap* I'm not sure but I'll be prepare with this possibility. And continued with Organizational Behavior with Miss Aira who loves to listen to Japanese songs. Kpop? Fishy la you. I'd this feeling when she entered the class, mysterious. Professor Sybill Trelawney, she seems to be full with extra divination uh exaggerates lol. We met Madam Sonaz from Iran, her Malay pronunciation is laughable, really. But she's energetic :) And I can feel the  energy. At the same time, we were kicking Monday subjects to other days like a boss because we want a clean sheet of the day so that we can go back hometown every weekend and Monday too HAHAHA. My course-mates are brilliant XDDD Eventually my Wednesday, Thursday and Friday gonna be pack like real pack. I've 2 paper of calculations and the rest is pretty much a theory basis. Kind of relief, I'm quite good in theory rather than practical fufufufu.

Meantime, I'm listing the new books for the new subjects that I take this semester and one for sure, it cost a lot. I'm in need to manage my money well this time. And I did some research about places to visit this semester. I'd google about Port Dickson, apparently thinking of early vacation with room-mates, but they're a group of lazy bugs. I'd read about movie making on one photography blog and kind of having this why-don't-I-try-it-today feeling, so I ended up recording everything around me. Man, not cool. I don't know what to do with this piece of crap video. HAHAH. 

And at the end of the day, I'm missing home. It makes me thinking if I'm actually taking things for granted for the time on holiday. Only learn how to appreciate it after we lose it. Perhaps all the time won't ever be enough for us even if we securely take the things seriously second by minutes by hours and so on. Always. Human tend to feel unsatisfied with all the given things. Years after all the experience over experience, I'm still not sure if I actually learn to appreciate people or things around me xoxo. Better self-conscious, that's all I need. 
Today is the first day of the rest of your busy life.
Will try to appreciate the first day *insert smile*

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