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Wednesday, July 6, 2011
68. Confronting Pressure @ Wednesday, July 06, 2011

5 note (s)

I should never write anything about feeling great, praising and good things about this college. Apparently all my effort of displaying the smile figure seems to be broken into pieces in just one day. And one night. 

I'm back to my depression world due to this study matter. And no one couldn't care more about me. Because all of them know nothing. With them knowing nothing about me, I have a big doubt if I ever had a trusted friend for whom I could tell her about my weaknesses. My weaknesses, I really feel uncertain if ever someone notice about this because all of them are looking at me in a real perfection. Flawless FHMK. Burdensome. Should go back and study if smart people ever facing such melancholy feeling whenever they sit for examination.  Public expectation. Annoying. My life is not your life. Stop expecting me to score high in every test. Please don't screw me down when I fail or need to re-sit the paper. I'm not born to be a genius, and I don't want to as I myself is definitely imperfect. So give me a favor, stop expecting. I'm done with you. 

On the heavier note, I'm trying hard to avoid people from touching my stuff. I mean, expecting people to understand you but at the same time, shrug off everyone from you? Come on, but that's me. People showing their sympathy and empathy over the matter is just no me. I couldn't understand myself more. 

Weaknesses discovered and no one in reality life ever notice it. I have zero trusted friend. Reality is so cruel, bet to agree with AYAKANE.

I feel like in a great need to get rid of all this worry-ness inside just like I'm dumping a plastics full of rubbish into the dustbin. Whether I want it or not, I must strengthen myself to survive these difficult time as a student and to climb the summit. Summit of Everest Mountain. Kind of. 

Confronting pressure 101:
1) Sleep.
2) If you're still in pressure, pack the bag, spend RM 15.30 on ticket and go back home.
3) If there is more pressure? Sleep at your room.
4) Still there? Sleep at your mum room.
5) You can't sleep anymore? Wake up and face the pressure like a real man. 

Thank you.
RT @IslamicThinking: Life will teach you lessons. It is up to you to learn them. #Islam 

p/s: Stoic is a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feeling or complaining || crap.



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