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Sunday, July 17, 2011
69. One Week Of My July. @ Sunday, July 17, 2011

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Plenty things to jot down but lack of quality time to spend on writing. Hi, I'm back after 11 days of hiatus. My apologies for neglecting this blog. One stressful week has just passed by which I've decided to keep it safe on my secret account. One little thing behind all these, I learned that bad times comes with a few choices. We can use them to make us bitter or use them to make us better, or at least a bit better. And the feeling when you're stuck among the under-estimate students group is just indescribable. They're awesome with fighting spirit just like us. But in their case, the lucky potion just don't works well with them.   

Speaking about lucky potion, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 just released out on local cinema. Nah, frank to say I can't feel the hype. People are talking about it non-stop and I feel like asking them if they're really knowing Harry Potter the best. Stop bragging to me that you've watch the latest installment if you don't even read the books. Yeah at least I read them. And at least, Potter and co had accompany my childhood memories for the past 10 years. At least I'd google Harry Potter Wiki most of the time when I'm free from Kpop fangirling. At least I don't brag that I understand the plot when actually I really understand it. At least I don't watch Draco Malfoy on film just because Tom Felton is hot. At least my favorite professor is Lupin and not the infamous Dumbledore. Yes, pissed off and jealous because I haven't watch HP & Deathly Hallows. Shallow as it may seems, so cut the crap. I'll miss you like I miss DB5K and Super Junior13. Best of luck Potter, Weasley and Granger. 

On the "not so lighter note", the whole resident of Block G was been asked to evacuate to new dorm nearby the college because of some weirdo reasons. Tell you what, I was sleeping, tweeting, sleeping, eating, tweeting in this place like from the very beginning of my student's life, even from the Intensive English Camp and I feel so depressed to leave this place. Like real depression. I cried on my pray hoping that this is just another nightmare (I've encountered quite a number few days back). My favorite corner out of this room is the veranda as I had spend most of my time lingering alone here, counting the air-plane that passing through the sky, peeping the children who cycling bicycle around the housing area in front. Too many good memories. Yes, I'll be with new roommates very soon. I admit that the current roommates are the best. At least they understand me well. What a bad bad trip isn't it. Tired of ranting. 

Yesterday was a girl's day out for me and 3 of my friends. This was not a joking trip please take a note, this is a therapy session trip to the town lol. We went to KL Sentral for a short trip and continue fangirling at Kpop Shop, My Star Collections at Times Square. Few hours later, we went to Low Yat Plaza, checking out few IT gadgets. I desperately want a new MP4 because the old one had broken earphone, but at the end of the day, I bought nothing. Next stop was Sungei Wang Plaza, the one I bought my SS3 tickets HAHAHA, I found a nice sneakers. Intended to buy the thing, but same as before, I ended up with empty handed. Lack of buying desirableness /sigh. And a little bit regretting :| KTM was damn packed at night trip. We were like don't-care-people-judgement and sitting at the corner. A pair of numb leg.

p/s1: The best title for the picture, Bersimpuh di Lantai KTM.
p/s2: You never know where life will take you. Just believe in your dream. And oh, just buy the sneakers if you like them! D: 
p/s3: I'm missing hometown as always. Weekdays, please be nice. 
p/s4: My Kpop presentation is okay. Heart is proud. 

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