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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
70. Takes Off The Mask @ Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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A nice friend that I just met a few months ago was asking me, "Tell me, are you really not dating anybody at this moment for real?" -and gives me an inexpressible complaining face. What's the problem with that. Do I look like someone's in love? Maybe she misunderstood my 24/7 tweeting activity as part of texting the love one. No, I'm single yet unavailable. No specific reason for the unavailability. For the mean time, I found out that dating guy is time and money consuming precisely when I'm lacking of both things for myself. In case you're wondering, I never dated any guy before taking the point that Cho Kyuhyun is just a virtual boyfriend heheh. I may be in my 20's but a total naive girl when it comes to love. Naive is too much I guess, inexperience girl heck. I don't see any reason or need at the moment. Choosy as it may seems, I'm waiting for the right guy out there to purpose me with a 181cm Kyuhyun yadayadayada. I'm not dating anyone and I believe Kyu's not dating that Kara's maknae. Kthxbye. 

It was like an ordinary day here in college but I've tons of butterfly inside my stomach. HyukSu tweeted each other last night! What a day. SM Y U NO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. Okay I'm trolling. Finally a miracle happened in front of me. Oh yeah and finally I believe in best friend that last forever :) Get back DB5K and 15uper Junior together please. In need to finish numbers of assignment that starting to climb up my schedule. Quite catch up with my study and stuff to this point, I feel some good reflect on better time management. Hope it'll be consistently paid off. On the lighter note, Ramadhan getting nearer, 12 days or less. I hope this year Ramadhan will be much better than last year. I desperately want to have my private time with family on the 1st Ramadhan, please! HAHAY. Should continue with school tasks, till then. Take care.

p/s: Lin YouJia's Mystery Guest is so sweet ♥

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