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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
71. Emotional Dissonance @ Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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If you're concerning on my recent entry, it was obviously involved something that we called as emotion. Emo-entries. Apparently just heading back from Organizational Behavior lecture which turns out quite interesting today, I am urged to write something relates with the topic. I ain't a free student but here I am again, writing a piece of crap for a note and a reminder. 

Emotions generally means as an intense feelings directed at someone or something. On the other hands, moods are kind of feelings that tends to be less intense than emotions and usually are lack a contextual stimulus. When a complex emotions and mind meet up, you'll produce a complex human thinking. Interesting isn't it?  

2 days residing in new room, I show no different. At least, physically when I'm dying emotionally. I paid a high price for an area of privacy. Everyone is very nice, too nice I mean. Its me who act like a dumb-ass. I'd a busy life by avoiding them at room, preventing them seeing my online activities. With them around, I've decided to type my blog entry at library and yes here I am. Awkwardly hiding myself at the corner of the place. Maybe I should give them more time. Yes, time do heal everything. 

As much as I realize, my study is going no where when I've started to hate on everything with calculation. I'm not even interested of making profit and whatever credits income and stuff, I'm just tired with all these things. All I want to do is being what I want to be, which I myself had a complex mind to figure it out. I should try to make an appointment with counselling group. Anyway, it won't works well on me. How about doing a charity works? Seeing and comparing lifeless and my lucky life, to appreciate it well. Will put it into consideration.

I went to watch Harry Potter last Sunday like finally. Finally. An hour and 45 minutes sobbing non-stop, cried like a baby. I'd crying every time I saw Snape. I thought that I'm going to have a better emotion control taking the point that I've read and knew the ending of the story but admit it I cried the most when Snape cried upon Lily's death. On top of that, I saw Lupin and Black. My favorites aside from Snape and yes I'm loving their friendship. See, me no crazy over Potter or Malfoy. Exception to Oliver Wood heehee. I pity the guy who sat beside me on the cinema, he must thinks I am such a crazy bug who cry over a shit. Whatever. Is this activity considered as discover the world? 

I received this award from AYAKANE :) At least there's something to smile about. HAHA. And laugh about. 

THE RULES: Worship at the feet (?) or makeup vanity of the person who nominated you and link back to her/his in your post. Share 7 facts about yourself. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers. Contact your nominees and let them know you tagged them. 

7 facts about me (a secret maybe?)
a) I considered myself as different girl. If every girl thinks the same, world would be the most interesting place to be. We are not typical girl.
b) I believe Yesung saw my LOVE banner during SS3. Why is this a fact anyway? Lol
c) I broke college's rules more than a regular rule-breaker. Only then, people hasn't suspected on me yet. 
d) Bella Swan's softball scene with the Cullan's family of vampire affected me the most just because Supermassive Blackhole is my favorite playlist when I'm doing weird things. 
e) Photography for fun ♥ But I rarely took people's picture. So mind you. 
f) I've collected lots of Korean drama soft-copy but I only watch like one out of 6 of them? Secret Garden was the last one. 
g) I'm home-addict. Everyone who pass across this blog should know this fact very well. Going back this Saturday! Yay.

Tagged bloggers :) (Yes, 15 is too much lol)
a) Aisya Tisya
b) Aizamia BooJaejoong 
c) Niqah
d) Yuiayumisakurai
e) Nas
f) Nurul Husna Kim
g) Syikin Hamedi

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