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Friday, July 29, 2011
72. And Rejoice @ Friday, July 29, 2011

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"Di atas bumi ini ku berpijak ada jiwa yang tenang di hariku
Tak pernah ada duka yang terlintas, ku bahagia
Ingin ku lukis semua hidup ini dengan cinta dan cita yang terindah
Masa muda yang tak pernah kan mendung ku bahagia
Dalam hidup ini, harungi semua cerita indahku
Saat-saat remaja yang terindah tak bisa terulang
Ku ingin nikmati segala jalan yang ada di hadapku,
Kan ku tanamkan cinta tuk kasihku agar ku bahagia."

Ku Bahagia

I went through my playlist on a shuffle mode yesterday and ended up listening to this song for about 20 times in a row. Melly Goeslaw's Ku Bahagia. One of the original soundtrack of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, an Indonesian film that was famous around 2001-2002. It makes me think if life is as simple as the lyrics, to enjoy everything as it seems without being hurt physically and emotionally. No, definitely its not. Life is not at the point that you can laugh everyday with all happy story being told on and on. When you rise, fall, learn something, rise again, appreciate things, so on and so forth, that's when you'll learn the meaning of life. There is no such thing as happy ending, as the happiness is gain with every little hard work of every people involved in life. And hard work is all about applying your ability to the limit and non-stop whether you're dying inside and outside. Who cares? Nobody.

My kiasu-ness is overloaded. I know.

Anyway, these complicated things didn't kill my mood to enjoy the song as well as my dull problematic life to the maximum. At least, in my dream. I'm still eat well, which I praise to Allah, as one of the obvious happiness in the world. Okay crap. I didn't travel/walking/window shopping anywhere last weekend, which I classified as the busiest week in my July. There were endless presentations everyday which I guess successful in making me look very numb in front of audience. Yesterday night, thanks to Twitter Stadium, I managed to catch a few updates on football match of Malaysia-Singapore. We might lost on the final score but I know deep inside in every heart of Malaysian, we are the winner. See, sportsmanship do reunite races, religions, politics and every little boundaries here and there. This is why sport is very important to nurture the younger generation as one of crapcrapcrapcrapcrap/


Sometimes things happens not as what we've planned and expected. Believe in Allah and do the best for Him. Rejoice, as Allah will gives the best for each one of us. Maybe this one could help us to be appreciative & grateful with what life has taught us.
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p/s 1: When you're down in spirit, what's comfort you the most? For me, it's usually a mixture of writing, encouraging thought and praying :)
p/s 2: Welcome Ramadhan in 2 days~^^

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