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Monday, August 1, 2011
73. One of My Ramadhan @ Monday, August 01, 2011

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Home is where I can look and feel ugly and enjoy it.
Absolutely agree. And making it more senses, another Ramadhan arrives when I'm at home, finally. Times seems to move faster and faster. Is it a crime to love it? First, I was dying to finish my high-school and start college and then, I'm dying to finish college and start working. Then I'm dying to marry, have children and for them to grow old enough, so I could go back to work. Then I'm dying to retire. And suddenly, I realized that I forgot how to live a life! ---so, appreciate your current situation and enjoy the moment. But one for sure, I'm very looking forward to start this year Holy Month of Ramadhan. Yes, remorseful for the past and I need to grab this one and only opportunity when the gates of Jannah are open throughout the month. Its the time to focus on self-reformation, spiritual cleansing and enlightenment. The season for sharing and giving. This is the month where all the good deeds will be rewarded multiply times and completely erased our sins and reborn as a new person. 

This Holy Month of Ramadhan always brings a mixed feeling to me. It marks another year of maturity which I guess very personal for me as a girl. When I looked back at the memories of celebrating this holy month, different images flash through my mind. I remember performing this duties of Fardu Ain during school days, how we managed to bear ourselves from seeing those Chinese classmates drinking mineral water like no one care. Yes, funny as it may seems, but Jejak Rasul is the most famous travel-blog documentary show on Ramadhan. Hahay. Having a discipline dad, we don't have a choice to skip sahur but to finish the whole dishes and stuff while still in dizziness from sleep. End of Ramadhan is one of the best night to celebrated as a child but not as a 20 years old fahamokha because she's growing up where the thought of not meeting the next coming holy month comes to mind. 

On a random note, this is my second year fasting as an independent daughter studying abroad from Johor. And I absolutely have no idea on how I'd survived the last Ramadhan alone, without family I mean. Some toufu-fa from nearest bazaar maybe lighten the situation. Heh. Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslim worldwide. May this coming Ramadhan Mubarak will  gives us a chance to observe the sincerity of Islam with attitude, truth and kindness :-) 

Crap pictures taken on my way back hometown sitting inside a very old-school bus with a manual window. Precious because haven't got any chance to enjoy this ride since 2008. 

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