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Thursday, August 11, 2011
74. Cool's Mornight @ Thursday, August 11, 2011

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This should be among one of those really urgent entry. I am too busy few days back for which study is the main cause. And for a quick update while typing for English thesis, I am very sorry for the lack of vocabulary and crap grammar. Here is the short update about what's happening passed few days ago. Will elaborate it later on the next next entry. Well my study is kind of up and down simultaneously. I've scored the highest in presentation (tehehe) but another subject kills the celebratory mood. Ibu is in moody state due to this driving class stuff and it makes me worry about her. Ibu, don't be like this. Please cheer up okay ㅠ______ㅠ 10 days passed the first Ramadhan and everything is turns out pretty well. Oh! I've missed reading few juzuk of Holy Quran but will find time to recover it. Ramadhan seems to be very lighting fast this year D:

And currently busy with my Kpopshop for which I work it out with another Kpop-mate, we gained our first customer with a total of purchase = RM 5.00 lol. At least my Kpop collections get me some money for the next next Kpop event. Have you reviewing Super Junior's 5 Jib Mr. Simple? Awesomeness! Not trying to be bias, but the album really worth everyone's money yay. My choice would be Opera, Memories, Sunflower and Be My Girl. HAHA. I thought of listing all songs here. But Good Friend's lyrics teared my heart the most. It's beautiful despite the light and catchy melody. And Kyuhyun's bb voice is better & better. Hyukjae's ilu ♥ lol.

This is not a light updates as it may seems =__________= lmao. Anyway, have a good day for anyone's reading this. Might drop here again this Saturday. Wish me luck for coming tests and never ending presentations. Hwaiting! 

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