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Saturday, August 13, 2011
75. 13 Days and Counting @ Saturday, August 13, 2011

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I really don't understand why this blog's head banner acts like a silly billy. Am I the only one who can't review my own head banner? I've changed the photo upload site for a few times and still, it disappearing after sometimes. Fufufufu. Screw you. Anyway hi I am here again. I managed to find the right time to express my hold off feeling for the current week. Another piece of crap so don't mind it if you're not going to read it anyway.

I felt like I have been away for the longest time ever. But I've been buried with so many weird sleeping hours trying to study and finish reports and assignments and also trying to stay more than 3 hours in the most unwelcoming library. In short I've been busy trying to finish this short semester nicely. And today I actually feel like I have so many things to say but I don't know how. Maybe I should start with my abroad Ramadhan story where I spent 3 days on row breaking fast outside of dorm with mates. Heheh. No fun actually taking the point that you had paid for a higher price of food and drink when actually you can stir it yourself. Never mind. Well well I miss the day when I can choose whatever kuih I want to eat during breaking fast at home :\ August 26th please comes fasterrr. I miss home already. 

Talking about home reminds me of ibu. Last few days ago, Jeehan sent me a text message sounds like this. "Angah, don't asks anything relates with driving test etc in front of ibu, or else you'll find her moody like real moody." Man, I never encountered something like this. Found out that ibu is very cute tehehe. No, I mean maybe she's kind of disappointed with herself regarding the JPJ test like giving up on getting a licence (?) Aw, ibu..... she shouldn't worry much about this. Who cares if she can't drive a car and obviously she can. The only thing is she's lack of confidence but who care, my mum is super woman. She can't drive but she cooks the best! She is super confidence on her cook XDDDD HAHA. Okay, I should send her some good test messages. On the other notes of JPJ, I haven't finish my driving lesson classes fiuuuu~ my schedule is almost like a minister's, forever pack so don't blame me.  

Aside from busying myself trolling around the campus area, I amazingly found a skeptical time to watch 49 Days. Wahwah HAHAH, obviously busy doesn't always effective. 3 episodes up-to-date, and all I can say, it quite a promising drama to watch. I guess because dealing with death, morbid much (?) and grim is something that we don't fully understand and rarely talk about in our real life. Anyway gives me time, I need 20-30 days to finish one drama lol. Just because. So don't asks. Heheh. Oh one thing about the drama, all actors look so good, no doubt. I ended up counting on which guys should Jihyun and Yikyung ended up with. 

With a mind like a pure student, I am going to finish my programming assignment with a due date August 19th this weekend. Will download a full episode of Yonghwa seobang's Heartstring. Listen to my bgm, it's Park Shinhye's^^ But who care with my plan. Enjoying every moment and I decided to be more cheerful. And less moody. Heh.

Just because life is short :-) and time is limit and my 13 days' countdown begin.

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