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Wednesday, September 21, 2011
78. We Lie The Loudest When We Lie To Ourself @ Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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I should be happy for them, but to be honest, I feel sad. The day before, maybe since months ago I've been thinking the same old matter. And yesterday, I went to check their Facebook updates and status. Oh well, I feel sad to see them there, having fun, while I'm still here. Doing nothing. From their eyes, it seems that I'm one of those the lucky one, for being able to land myself another chance of study, even with the average examination pointer. Well I'd like to think that this chance of study makes me feel worst, albeit not entirely. It feels sad to see how I'm wasting the chance just because I've no idea with the entire process of getting a degree with it. I guess I just want to be with them, spending time together like before. The only things that makes a little relevant to be happy is to see me graduating one semester earlier than the supposed one. But by the time I'm graduating in the next year, it will be less crowded, less spazz-ing than a semester later and I'm not sure how that makes me feel right now. Oh yes, we lie the loudest when we lie to ourself. Who is this person I've become now? An actor. 

On the brighter notes, I'm back from my random hiatus so expect me to spill out my thought more often than before. Along the one month random hiatus, I was preparing a back to basic's tool with some ink and a journal and effortlessly writing manually when I feel the needs on it. I experienced something that makes me think about the fact that we can actually dying without internet is probably just a hoax. I'm not sure how can I say this out loud but study has taken its tool on me along the month. It's a good side of internet-hiatus by the way. In the coming 2 days, I'll be attending Korean Music Wave 2011 at Stadium Merdeka. Eventually, I'm running away from the mess up builds from the unstoppable assignments to something more like me. Kpop (:

Do expect a long essay of fan account from me! ㅋ   

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