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Saturday, October 1, 2011
80. [FAN ACCOUNT] Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011 @ Saturday, October 01, 2011

4 note (s)

I'm writing this fan account as part of my unforgettable memory. Read it if you want :] A week already passed by, so 시가니 please bring me back to September 24th 2011.


A bright morning where I was supposed to attend Sambutan Hari Raya at college. Yap, I skipped it like a boss (Y) As a first-timer for this kind of Kpop Music Festival where all the line-up performers (GDTopRi, FT Island, Park Jungmin, 4Minute, U-KISS, Teen Top) were more or less not an ultimate biases to me, I was keeping a faith to have a spectacular moment watching them alive. I did some last minutes survey about the fan-chant and decided to root for FT Island which I even chose to wear a yellow shirt that day, just for them (: At 11 AM, me and another 2 Kpop-mates, Ina and Faridah whom rooting for Big Bang and Teen Top respectively off to Stadium Merdeka via KTM. Three of us had a good times chit-chatting about how excited we are at the moment to meet 6 of the famous Kpop artist in one night. 

Around 2.30 PM after some slacking time at KL Sentral, we managed to arrive around the venue. I was /totally/ blurred at the moment because it was my first visit at Stadium Merdeka, as reported on web, National Stadium is around the corner. I saw quite a number of yellow shirt fan-girl which holding a VIP light-stick, but the fact that I was there for FT Island makes it worth the time. Because I bought myself a yellow FT Island light-stick (ㅡㅡ|||) tehehe. It costs me RM15, way much cheaper than SMent SJ's light-stick, so I don't mind it all. At least a souvenir to be brag in front of friends HAHA.

The organizer didn't really showed us the way to the Gate 4 as we actually managed to find it ourselves. So, take a note, Galaxy. You should paste something something direction for a first timer like us to reach our specific location. Anyways, as soon as we passed through a group of fan-girls, we heard a loud scream chanting for Park Jungmin. OMFG, he's rehearsing inside the stadium! Lol, okay. We sat at the corner waiting for the gates to open while chatting with two Chinese girls beside me who were also supporting FT Island. FYI, FT Island and GDTop also did some not-so-quick rehearsals soon before the gates were opened for the audience. It was damn trolling in front of gates because everyone want the best spot to watch their favorite idols. First come, first serve basis. Ina managed to enter first, so we got the advantage of taking a nice spot. I mean okay-okay spot. HAHA. It was a football stadium so you can't expect it to be crown with cushion seated, air conditioner and etc. With the bright star as our shilling, how romantic is that?


Past 7.30 PM, they started the concert with opening act with a DJ beat-boxing but I have no idea who was that guy actually lol. He was good with Justin Bieber's Baby and some other songs. But my heart was cramping nervous as soon as I saw the KMW2011 logo was displayed on the main screen. KMW officially started when U-KISS Kevin (speaking in English) and Dongho (speaking in Mandarin) walked out from backstage and hosted the event together with MY fm radio deejay, Jeff Chin and South Korea Arirang host which I don't know his name.

First act of the night were FT Island. My heart was obviously not ready to accept the reality that I'm going to watch FTI in real life but then yes, they were in front of me. /ASJQHFUJCNDN/ It's been 4 years since the band have set foot in Malaysia, so the frontman, no other than Hongki greeted us "Long time no see" after some Korean mumbled. Cute ;3; His voice was super amazing, no cracks at all. He is literally a vocal powerhouse, just all kind of awesomeness. I screamed my lungs out with 5 of their songs, Hello Hello, Love Love Love, Bad Woman, Bing Bing Bing and I Hope to be mentioned. On top of that, Hongki did some fan-service by shaking his butt during Bing Bing Bing lmao. We were all shrieking XD Also, during the interview part, FTI got asked what food they enjoyed the most in Malaysia, and Hongki blurted out "Kimbap, ddokbukki!" Lmao, this boy really that's not even Malaysian HAHA. So Kevin was like "No, we mean in Malaysia." and FTI went "AHHHH, haven't tried anything yet." Poor bb ;~~~; 3 good looking guitarists ㅡLeader was freaking sexy I always adore him, Jaejin and his sparkling blonde and when maknae Seunghyun rapped during Love Love Love, for some weird reasons, I felt so blissful. Minhwan cannot moved around since he needs to drum but but but overall I spazzed the most during their performance! Someone should sends petition and asks for FTI to comeback to Malaysia again!!!

Next up was Teen Top, the young version of Big Bang TOP loljk. I amazingly enjoyed them second after FTI lol maybe because Faridah spazzing a lot at that moment and because I shook hand with Chunji the day before. They sang 5 songs which is No More Perfume On You (we screamed the most during "Noonaye momaenun neomu neomuna sexyhae - Noona, your body is so so sexy" lmfaotrolololol pervert noona), Brushing, Clap, Angel and Supa Love. I love Clap the most so I did a silly fan-cam only to hear the people around me clapping in-synchronize along the song bleeh. Chunji is officially my bias in Teen Top so he deserved a scream along the concert lol, and Neil looks a little moody. Some said that he's not feeling well, aww poor Neil. Kevin did some interview with them and I randomly hoped that he'll stand besides Chunji so that everyone can see their similarities lol but no, he didn't. Sobs. Overall, Teen Top whom wearing all white suit that night is freaking lovable dongsaeng :) Give them some love people, hope they'll coming again to town.

After Teen Top was the one and only girls group that night which is 4Minute! These was their second time spending time in Malaysia after the DiGi Kpop Live last year but it was my first meeting them. As a regular viewer of Immortal Song 2, I am proud to say that Jiyoon's voice is super best lol. They sang Mirror Mirror, Heart To Heart (Jungshin chingu!) I My Me Mine, Muzik and Hot Issue. Started of well with the infamous "We are 4Minute~" greeting to fans, I was actually complementing HyunA for her less sexiness that night when she did some /pervert dance/ with her sexy legs in front of audience lmao. Kfine. HAHA. And one to be noted at, every single people around me regardless the differences of light-stick they're holding on was like fan-chanting to 4Minute songs very well lol. They are famous here, node.

U-KISS was here 3 times and I just met them once. Anyways, I'm glad that I met them like finally. They performed next after 4Minute with 5 songs, Never-land, Bingeul Bingeul, Everyday, 0330 and Man Man Hani (Am I that easy?) lol. Well received considering the number of its visit here. All fans singing along with them and it is an honor for Malaysian KissMe as this is the first time Never-land was performed outside of Korea yay. And I was like chanting the loudest during "Money Love Fashion Fame", "And we stay forever young" and "Don't Deny Our R Squared Pi". I love the fact that Kiseop got more part in Never-land so I cheered the most for him HAHA. We were not that fond of AJ replacing Xander's rap part during Bingeul Bingeul but don't deny, AJ is hot olala lmao. Kiseop did a love shape at the end of the song. After the performance the boys jet off to airport leaving behind the concert due to the promoting new album and few more local shows scheduled at Korea :(

After U-KISS was Park Jungmin's turns to light up the night. At first I wasn't expecting much from this guy as I'm not a very-into-SS501 that I managed to online on Twitter for awhile lmao. BUT OMG LEGIT CRY HE IS FREAKING ADORABLE IN REAL LIFE. He was super friendly that we can tell from his face how much excited he was for coming back here in Malaysia after 4 years. And and he was introducing himself in Chinese that I want to squish his face :3 The funny part was when he wanted to read something off a paper but then realized the paper he dug out of his pocket was the wrong one and he was like "Shen me pan? Shen me pan?" Honestly, how much cuter a man get without even trying XD It was even cuter that audience actually giggling much on him when the emcees came in to talk to him and then he suddenly told us he found the exact paper and just started reading the stuff in Bahasa LOL "Apa khabar semua orang? Amat gembira berjumpa anda semua di Malaysia. Kita akan buat yang terbaik untuk anda semua." Lmfao how cute is that. I'm not very sure the title of his song that I did a research once I got back home, the sexiness overloaded song entitled "Let Go" worth to listen to. And also a ballad song "Missing You" HAHAY.

I am pretty sure that guy is a Victory

I'm not an avid fan of Big Bang solo album so when Seungri and GDTop entered the stage I was pretty blank girl to be honest. Amidst of thousand crazy fan-girls standing on chair for them, I was quietly did my fan-cam lmao and truth be truth, they're amazing performers like really amazing. To make everyone stand on their feet at a concert is just not an easy job but 3 of the Big Bang members did it. I was overwhelmed with the reaction of the whole stadium that I managed to come to a conclusion, Big Bang should really considering Malaysia as their next Big Show pit-stop. Seungri sang VVIP, What Can I Do and Strong Baby. He speaks with decent English and complimenting "Malaysia fans sangat bagus." Awesomeness. BAGUS is legit that night. Lol. While on the other hands, towards the end of the show GDTop were finally on stage. I see you TOP bradah. LMAO. I'm big fan of him and Daesung since Family Outing so hell yeah. They wore some funky techno-color jackets and performed /only/ 3 songs includes Knock Out,  Oh Yeah and High High. The only song that I enjoyed the most was High High because I obviously remember the dance steps HAHA. They're without any doubt the most highlighted performers that night, I'm not a fan of them but I enjoyed the glam of the night :)

The not-so-GD-ness

It was the end of the show when the two emcees came on stage and I was like "Am I done? Is this the end?" Aww 3 hours were like in a split second. I still believe that the emcees were trolling around when Faridah asked me to move on to catch the late night mono-rel. Oh. I want more and more FT Island. Heh.

Taken during FTI's performances ♥


1) Security wasn't really tight at the entrance. Easy peasy on hiding camera and people can even brought foods and drinks into the stadium. But along the concert, they kept on doing some random laser-check on audience. Bleeh.
2) I'm having a mere sore-throat not as bad as Super Show 3 though.
3) Aside from that, I've this major hang-over on Chunji and FT Island which is very weird. Lol.
4) GD's hair was growing super fast I guess. He was half bald (?) back then. And TOP didn't really appeared like a gangster tbh, it just his voice. HAHA.
5) I shoot less picture because of the distance barrier. Unlucky fangirl is unlucky.
6) Arrived college at 12.00 AM and continue spazzing.

Thanks for reading another piece of crap.

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