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Thursday, October 6, 2011
81. Stormy, But It Can't Be Rain Forever @ Thursday, October 06, 2011

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When I decided that I should write an entry in this blog, I was actually screwed up with a very serious study matter that nobody could never imagine that it will befall upon me. And, yes it still haunting me. In every second I breath. Can you just wake me up when November 4th arrive? I'm not sure how many "friends" out there back mouthing about me due to the matter but hell-o, I'm just gonna shut the wtv out.  I've many things to write about this but I know it just a matter of time. Oh well. I've taken life too serious. I seems so carefree about life when the fact is not. I have always denied myself a chance to fail. Which cause me become hard to accept and face risk. When at the end of the day, it is just a plain paper of examination ㅡ pick an answer and move on. Pick and answer and move on, so good luck.

This coming Friday, I was planning to attend the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2011 in Mid Valley when a friend asked me to join a simple party for someone someone. I guess I'm not going to enjoy my weekend anywhere for this coming 2 weeks. Next Saturday and Sunday, I need to attend another student convention and blahblahblah, so no hometown backpacking girl. Hell. And then long awaited examination weeks where I'll do my best. My best. Past few days ago, I had this strange habit of sleeping. I went to slept at 10/11 PM and woke up around 3 AM. And for the past 3 nights ago, I haven't sleep at my own room. I was so confiscated with assignments and presentation that I decided to sleep around the mates house. That's what I told them. When the fact is that I actually want to hide away from the feeling of getting back at own room. It reminds me of unhappy things. I just want my home. 

Well, I really really really really wish I'm kind of numb at the moment. 


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