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Saturday, October 15, 2011
82. When You Close Your Eyes And Think of Me @ Saturday, October 15, 2011

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It's been a week since the last entry. Well a typical week of a student that's completely packed with schedule, unfinished assignments, gossiping with the rest of other female course-mates and getting fever. Fever. Oh screwed all those plan on weekend. Due to this fever, I've been stuck inside room wearing black sweater all hours and eating piles of medicine, fixing my melancholic mood about life and yes, gained nothing because I was pampered with uneven sleeping hours. And it's tiring. Believe me, I was so tempted to get back home, leaving all this study chaos and sit at kitchen watching ibu cooks healthy food for me. But I know that I can't just leave and gone. Sunday's MOT student convention and our group succeed to finale Top 7, how awesome is that. Em not quite sure though. I hope this public chance will improve my blahblahblah, who cares xoxo. Anyways, all praise to Allah for all the good and the bad things. 

Ibu called me on Wednesday and told me that Jeehan will sit for her MUET this week which also mean that I should spend a little time to give her motivation plus tips and stuff. Which I don't know why. And Imeen just finished his PMR stuff and I haven't told him that if he managed to score praiseworthy result, I'll give him a brand new NIKE football which I found out become his latest craze at the moment. Trying to become a good sister duhh? Kaklong borrowed my camera for the whole 2 weeks which I'd posted it via express post. Well, not quite decent decision considering the effect of posting electronic gadget and blahblahblah, /kill me now. Tell me the condition of my bb camera ;w; Ayah on the other hands, called me after I finished my Takaful exam and asked me to eat medicine and stuff related with my study's loan. Well, family bonding through phone. I miss you guys, really. Two and a half weeks are too much, really ㅠ~ㅠ

I've been thinking a lot nowadays about my life and the future lies behind it. Having an unsure problem about future jobs but I am quite positive with it. Even if I was destined to be jobless etc etc due to lameness in study which currently starts to bug on me, I'll be like helping ayah in his farm, maybe manage his business as I'm a graduated major business student. Maybe I can improve my English skills and then take education course blahblahblah, and teach the kindergarten pupils. If fangirling taken into consideration, I might also end up learning Hangul and become a translator, well who know anyways. I just want to do anything that comfort my needs in and out. No need fancy job, countless salary when you're lost amidst everything around you. 

You know what, I am worry about myself. But on top of that, I always keep this in my heart, everyone own His blessing and gifts. Indeed Allah knows while we're not. Happy 26th birthday to SJ Lee Donghae, lots of love from me ♥


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