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Thursday, October 20, 2011
83. All The Small Things About Ironic Life @ Thursday, October 20, 2011

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What if I say that I am currently residing at home, BP-home? Mad? 

Since its Thursday, everyone must be freaking annoyed with my sudden move to hometown but oh well, I am here because I want to be here. Lame excuse I know. But the feeling is indescribable, in any kind of awesomeness. Its like a child feeds with a candy, I shut myself at the corner and starts enjoying my time ㅡheaven's world. Ibu was gardening when I arrived and ayah lost with his fishing equipment, the house is practically in serene mode taking the point that nobody except me coming home on weekdays. I assumed that ibu was actually slept in our room (3 girls babe) because of the left over on bed, and I know that she misses us. I AM HOME MUM! ♥

And life is very ironic indeed.

2006. When I was a geek form 4 high-school student there was never ever a slice of thought passed through my head on getting into the art stream. Everyone was demanding to enter the Biology & Physics stream until it reaches one point that a science class actually occupied almost 40+ students. I guess one of the reason /WE/ were fail to adapt with the environment was due to overcapacity classmates. Anyways, I thought I was very into Biology, all the gaga on wearing white hand gloves and negative perception on those who took art, how can I forget it. When conscience finally hit me, I swear that I was only craze over the green matter on the subject. And 4 of you (which I predict you know who you are) might not believe this, art is freaking enjoyable. I enjoy every second of my writing time, my language books, my creative sketching time, my travelling moment, I treasure my photo-blogging very much. Oh well. I'm born against art. Life is ironic.
Saya: Saya gembira baca karya anda.
TunBojaBistara: Anda. Terima kasih :) 
I am certainly sure with myself that I just finished interpreting this complicated poem in this complicated blog. And since when is the name become Anda.

2010. I first met this R girl, she was pretty swank herself with that darn sarcastic looks and brag voice to everyone. She sat beside me at Math class yet I never talked to her, maybe because I was quite swank myself. Oh well. One close friend told me that R is like a super blank girl with super straight annoying tone which I couldn't care more but to agree with the opinion. In spite of that, R always visited my room for some weird reasons and in a short time she became my room-mates /short enough?/ And to make everything turns up-side-down, I was actually went back hometown together with her yesterday. She treats me with candies, and I shared with her some curry ban. See, above all, life is really ironic.

After all the typical whining about this and that, I am finally home, mum. And I've plenty of things to tell you, about how I managed to get into top 7 OB Group, about my awkward relationship with real life friends, about my failure in exam, about this and about that, BUT /cue to dramatic scene/ there is something hinder the moment. Oh well. How I wish that I'm not the kind of passive girl who afraid to tell her story to everyone. Isn't it ironic? Being at home and being speechless. Don't you think? Don't you think?

Well. I might a Korean boy-bands fan-girl, but in any kind of ways, ddokbokki, seaweed soup and kimchi doesn't taste good in my mouth. Really. Ironic. Kbye. HAHA.

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