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Saturday, October 29, 2011
84. There Is Something Wrong With Me @ Saturday, October 29, 2011

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The previous 2 months in college were very torturing. Whether I was noticing it or not, all the learning coursework were full with pressure/dis-enjoyable and it was obviously far distance from the learning objectives. Personally, for me everything was like as long as you've finished the works and as long as you get the marks. And, yeah. Done. Some thought came and I realized how much I was lack with pure smile (I did laughing when watching Kpop stuff ofc) or whatever you called it. It’s insane as if when you look yourself at the mirror and saw the weak part of you. Where is the smiley old me had gone? And millions of sorry for making this blog some kind of emo-ing, ranting place. I was supposed to keep a good memory in mind but all I'd experience up to the days were nightmare. Life isn't all about sweet stuff anyways. 

I have a few issues to be deal with the university management in Malaysia which bother me in some kind of ways. But isn't it inappropriate to post it as the blog entry? Whatever. No one cares -.- Also, I did some random job hunting (although I have a year more to finish the study) and was kind of star-struck, well more to thunder-struck. Under-graduate students like me should pay more attention to at least preparing themselves with those undefined requirements from employee. Ex: "Fresh graduates are welcome to apply the job. Priority will be given to those who own a vehicle." Noob. November 4th is fast approaching. Yes, yes, yes! Special 3 cheers for being so awesome day. Lol being secretive as I could be, this isn't the perfect time to reveal the best thing about the day. Just wait, if you want to or whatever it is. In case you are wondering, it kind of related with free stuff. Guess who's free on the day onward?

On the random note, I went to watch 2AM 3D at Mid Valley together with @fyda_bb last October 17th. How awesome is 2AM in the eyes of a CassElfs? It's daebak like seriously. HAAHAHA. Okay I was exaggerated just now, the 3D ticket was supposed to be RM14+ and there was some hidden charge and stuff which cost the price to overflowed increase almost to RM20. As far as I could forecast, the actual ticket price for Super Show 3 3D in Malaysia (as if it will be shown here) should be somewhere around this too. Okay back to 2AM. With the RM20 ticket, I was served with a 3D glasses, a self-picture with 2AM placard/banner (I exchanged hand with Seulong lmao) and an empty cinema. Seriously, it was like less than 10 people at that time (?) lolol and the whole fan-girls had fun screaming like real concert of course. One Chinese girl behind me was melting much when Jokwon whispered "Saranghaeyo" lmao. Jinwoon maknae was damn near (if you wear the glasses ofc) and I enjoyed their songs well although up to the point, I only can recall Even If I Die and You Wouldn't Answer My Call as the best. 

I went to search for this song along the late evening. Its Sailormoon's first opening song. Hehehe. Bye. 


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