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Friday, November 11, 2011
86. A Perfect 111111 Day @ Friday, November 11, 2011

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I just spend almost two hours this evening inside the bathroom, designing my hair (almost the same meaning as self-cutting hair). Yes, the last time I was there for more than an hour when I was crying after I had an injustice feeling toward my sister, it was ages ago. Back to the hair things, I'm kind of feel the needs of cutting hair before semester break and here I am. My messy hair needs some explanation, as mess and untidy as rubbish as a bush as you can imagine. It wasn't nice to cut it alone (should we call it as a pair game?) but at least I noticed how talented I am holding a scissor, mirror and comb in a row. The result wasn't very praiseworthy anyway. Oh well. Crap.

11.11.11 came again after 100 years, a few days passed Aidil Adha and amazingly its on Friday. What does it mean to me personally? Today aside from styling my own hair, I learn something about obsession. Obsession ㅡit consumed your energy, which can be used to praise God, reading books or even tweeting on web. When you're obsessed, your attention will only about that one thing which will end up wasting all your time and gain nothing by doing it. I'm thinking of reducing the rate of obsession toward this /man. I should have something else to be obsessed about, which I'm particularly sure to own it one day. Time to get back into reality, people.

Oh and 11.11.11 only happens once in a life time. Same goes to 12.11.11 or 16.12.90 or even 21.01.1991 and all our daily date. It only happens once in a life time. The only thing that makes today sounds /cough/ special is because of the sequences of the number, other than that you better appreciate life wohoo.

p/s: The feeling when you know you've finished one semester. Homai. Syukur.

Oh ada semester lain lagi. Homai.

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