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Friday, November 18, 2011
87. Team Malaysia Weeeh @ Friday, November 18, 2011

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So, how does it feel to be a little more famous than usual? 

I probably will elaborate more crap things from the above topic if you don't mind. Heheh. A few days back, a good friend of mine at high-school, Shahril Sahak (definitely should put this as Anonymous but oh well, a special tribute to you-know-who) won himself a 2011 SEA Games Silver medal for men's 50m rifle prone. Yay, a big clap for him, wasn't that bad for a rookie's debut of the games! He was a nice classmate, a spazzing club-mates and on other way, a one day shooting coach for me. Remember when he scolded me badly during the shooting practices because I couldn't see what kind of point should I shoot at hahaha. Pity me, I was such a bad-sighted girl obviously. 

All after all, surprisingly I emerged as the top 1 shooter among two clubs muahaha (okay swagging time). The president told me that I'm potentially to become one of those Johorian atlet pelapis lmfao despite my err not-so-young age at the moment. Very well said, Phnew and Cikgu Mahat. Lol, swagging baby. Back to Shahril, once the whole class (which consisted of a very small population ㅡ16 students) congratulated him for winning a gold medal at Mini Olympics and blahblablah we made a simple fan-board for him, and fanning him like a loyal fans (just because winning a gold medal = winning more money lol) yes we were like a family (a family of retard people). We're still retarded after 2 years, even Shahril promised of giving us a slightly gaze of Modo Modi (fyi it is the SEA Games mascot, no way people, I want money)  

Oh well.

What's the point of writing this?

I miss them, the whole course-mates of Cengal batch 2008-2009.

Nah, I'm just kidding. It just a mere rambling in conjunction of 2011 SEA Games Jakarta-Palembang which I followed constantly. Tehehe. Anyway on a related stuff, I had an amazing day last (... I forgot the day). Ahh.. had a silly Twitter conversation with @TeamMsia, which is the official Team Malaysia's on Twitter, found out that every tweets were very empty-headed to the core. Nonetheless, no harm given if I post it here lol. (be prepare with massive flood of vomit attack! Check my timeline if you want :P)

TeamMsia : Siapa nak tengok video-video player Malaysia lagi? Who is your favorite Malaysian footballer?
Dumb Me   : (blank, due to much laugh while tweeting about Running Man) nombor 4! Fadhli Shas! Hahaha :D (gelak cover)  
TeamMsia : Fadhli Shas? Ok kami akan cuba bawakan video exclusive Fadhli Shas. What about Muslim   Ahmad? (siooooot, seriously I cracked the most here, trading player ke admin? lmao)
Me            : Muslim Ahmad pun boleh jugak. Good luck Malaysia, send my regards to them. (trololol cover)
TeamMsia : Thanks a lot. Will tell them that! If you were here, what would you ask them? (gila soalan)
Me         : (since I was 멍 at the moment, forgive me for the very-da-skema-answer) Wouldn't ask anything. Just hope that they can control their emotion on field, that will helps the team a lot! :) 
TeamMsia : Okay, thanks!

Honestly, I can just asked them any crap questions if I have that guts (may i know if you don't mind, how many of you are still single? oh lame lmfaotrolololol) But, oh well. Chance flies away. However to my concern, an interviewed video was actually uploaded by the admin next morning. My hope fails me. Its Muslim Ahmad. 

Anyways, thanks for the sudden interview, I feel a little more famous, at least for that day. Thick skin as usual, I dedicated this video for myself (pats self) syabas heh.

[CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK] Mesej dari Muslim Ahmad, pemain pertahanan squad U-23 Malaysia. And check out the Captain Baddrol Bakhtiar's message at the same site as well!
(credit: @TeamMsia on Twitter)

I am officially chi~aw.


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