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Saturday, November 26, 2011
88. One Step Closer @ Saturday, November 26, 2011

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It's been a while.

Well, life was pretty much dull due to the repeatable activities ( sleep, eat, surfing, gibberish talk, eat, sleep ) but who cares, I like it myself :-) What I did mostly was trolling myself on Twitter and football fever is officially /on/ around Malaysia, so everyone was like "I've Harimau Muda's jersey, are you jealous?" "I've shake hand with Nazmi Faiz, r yu jelly?" and yeah. So on and so forth, blog's statistic was increasing tremendously ( is like really to the highest peak ) due to the search of "Muslim Ahmad" "Jersey 24 Muslim Ahmad" "Muslim Ahmad Twitter" and blahblahblah. Lol, wasn't expect it the moment I wrote previous entry, really, it was quite blurted. Anyway, hello for your sudden visit with the same cause as above, I would like to apologize and wanna state here that, Muslim Ahmad up to the day, still hasn't create any Twitter account. Aww. I feel so weirdly fame. 

( inserts cricket sound )

/cough last Sunday, I went for a 12 hours non-stop (breath-taking, I did stop few times of course) watching Japanese drama, Orthros No Inu which airing with 9 episodes on Japanese TV last 2009. It was surprisingly fun, extra fun watching two eye-candies, Hideaki Takizawa and Nishikido Ryo acting together as a long lost brother owning a God's Hand and Devil's Hand respectively. Aww, definitely a must watch show if you want to be melted with mysterious guy Ryuzaki Shinji asjklgkfnds he is mesmerizing everyone I tell you ;~; I was drooling much when Tackey did a romantic scene with Asami-chan puhaha. It wasn't a directly romantic acts like we used to watch on typical drama, it just a slightly strong gaze and decent skin-ship askdnfnfkgjkmarry me Tackeyyy ;AAA; ( this girl deserves a slap ) 

I've number of things to pen on here ( about deep thought ) but I don't know if it appropriate to mention it at the moment. Anyways, maybe in the next entries :) It's raining/flood season in Malaysia, and winter's on the other part of globe, take good care and don't fall sick! Oh, Breaking Dawn's Soundtrack, A Thousand Years is so good to hear, beautiful ;~; 

See ya people.
p/s: Salam Maal Hijrah *^^*

Updated: Not so sure, but seems Muslim Ahmad did have Twitter account @MuslimAhmadHM check the link out. 

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