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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
89. November's Collage @ Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2 note (s)

It's 1230am and I'm kinda run out of ideas on what to do. Waiting for MAMA Awards to finish maybe but seriously, what can I expect from /lousy/ Kpop event like that, where the attendance of the artist holds a significance to the winning lists lol. Maybe I should eat something ( bored introduction, very bored. )

Woohoo! November's gonna ends very soon and my lucky month, December peeks up with hundred of surprises. Nah, I don't like surprise. It gives you some kind of insecure feeling, and I don't like to feel insecure. Yet I love December. Enough of early month rambling, I shall shed of some of the stereotypes that I subconsciously apply to myself and on my writing. I find it very constrictive and stifling. I want to do something that is beyond my daily routine or out of the usual me ( of course, within my own boundary of morality ) 

Cliche as it might seems but here's the current wishlist:

a) Visiting National Zoo ( I did some web-browsing yesterday about the place, can't wait to feed those big fat elephant )
b) Hills climbing ( no specific reason lol, I just want to feel nature bwahaha lame )  
c) MO.A 2011 Live In Malaysia, yay for that! :-)

I like the random me, but isn't it sounds too much leisure for a 20-er girl? I am supposed to study and do well on examination but then again, I do not want the heavier affairs blinded me from seeing the greener side of life. Any kind of ways, do expect me to be less productive on 2012 due to the major fail in management of money. Careless, I will flood Twitter with more Churp-Churp Advertisement lmao. 

I am so random o/

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