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Monday, December 12, 2011
91. [FAN ACCOUNT] Mo.A 2011 Live In KL @ Monday, December 12, 2011

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Yes I went to the Most Amazing ( Mo.A ) 2011 Live in KL few days back exactly at 3rd December and this is my fan-account which I just write it lazily, read it if you want (warning: very long) Sorry for the lack of pictures, my seat wasn't the best one to shoot them lol neither was it the closest ( free-seating oh hello again ) I did some fan-cam but its better for all of you to search for more decent one from YouTube. Anyway the concert was awesome thanks to the list of the performers ( hint hint! I was shrieking at my long distance boyfriend lol okay crap.)


Due to the misunderstanding information from the flight schedule stalker (?) I was pretty much sure of not going to welcome SJ at KLIA ( I should really stick at the intention, because at the end of the day, I didn't /again/ met SJ at airport -_-) Misheard the afternoon flight that brought along f(x) and Miss A already arrived the airport at 4PM, I felt a little bit of the excitement. Without any concrete plan ( I'm always like this lol ), I reach KLIA at 8PM and wandering there with almost 300-350 fans waiting for KE671 and TG419 which came from Incheon and Bangkok respectively. Being teased by the security about the flight and blahblahblah, we were still standing in front of the VIP lane until late 10.50PM. Some of the fans went off to the 3rd floor ( international arrival hall ) while some of us busying life with Twitter updates.

And yeah, as much as you know YeHyukMinWook didn't use the arrival hall as they went straight to One World Hotel from the airport. I was amazingly sleepy and bored, but I did catch some good moments at KLIA. Like how the fans ran almost 500 meters around KLIA because some of them thought that SJ already reach the security's white van. Muahahaha funneh. At the end of the day, I didn't met SJ again. They're one kind of expert ninja ( especially around KLIA ). Kudos to those who met TeukHae at the arrival hall, me iz jelly.


I wake up pretty early in the morning due to the low-kick temperature which cause me a little bit shivering, I went to get ready and do some stuff. So I asked about KyuShinWon flight schedule to my t-list, and noticed that they'll be here joining others at 4PM MST. It was quite late, plus they need to depart back to Incheon at the same day. "Poor my bb Kyu, he must be worn out." I murmured to myself. Hello ㅡthis is not a fan-fic lmao. Promised to meet another friend at KL Sentral around 11AM, I went out bringing my big backpack with all fan-girling stuff and along the way, I slept. Olalah, being a runaway fan-girl is tiring.

Yes, never once in my life went to Kelana Jaya so I was kinda blurred but its okay, the blurriness wasn't that bad lol. We departed from KL Sentral at 1PM and reach the current place which is the Kelana Jaya LRT/Bus Station. I even met some ELFs at KLIA and had a short chit-chat with them while waiting for Rapid KL Bus T624 to MBPJ Stadium. Around 2PM we reach at the stadium, it was demmm gorgeous ( compared to Merdeka Stadium ) though a little bit old, we can see the cracks around. I went around to collect and paid my tickets before heading to the food/stalls section. Crowded as usual, but I didn't buy anything (except foods), I have lack of shopping desirableness I tell you lol.

We waited in front of Gate 2 and someone gives us the Sungmin's hand-banner as well as the Superman's fanchant. Reading the Twitter updates to kill the time, and noticed that Yesung's going to sing It Has To Be You, I was flabbergasted and started to exaggerate around lol. Me iz big fan of the song okay. Around 5PM, people around started to queue in front of the gate ( which was very stupid I think because the gate only opened at 6.45PM ) It was really a bad experience, worst than KMW. Almost fainted waiting and finally the security started to let us in but they were checking everyone's bag slowly, very slow and even when the big screen started to display the opening VCR, there were still many fans out there stuck outside of the stadium -_-


Concert started late due to the big screen on the right wing doesn't works out well. It displayed green color lol and the audio wasn't very nice! Oh what a failure, I can't relate anything with all of them on the stage. Anyway Miss A was the first act of the night. They were amazing of course, I'm might not a big fan of them but their songs are pretty catchy so yes I loike them lol. Definitely gonna pay more attention on this group now :) They came out with black attire and performed Good Bye Baby as the opening track, followed up with Breathe, Help Me, Love Alone, Lady Gaga's Poker Face and ended up with Good Girl, Bad Girl. I was eyeing Jia and Fei lol. But Miss A is totally the definition of gorgeous, with Suzy and Min. A group of fan-boys behind me were spazzing hard when Jia and Suzy on the big screen haha. They also taught us how to dance the GGBG infamous steps "You don't know me, so shut up boy! Shut up, shut up!". Lol it was fun!

Next up was B1A4. I thought the official BANA's color is yellow ㅡbanana? But it turns out to be light pink (?) In the sea of sapphire blue ocean, there're quite a number of pinky's light-stick which left me with quite a good impression about this rookie's group. Beautiful Target was daebak! Lol this noona was enjoying every minutes along the song XD. "B1AAAA4. AM I YOUR TARGET?" Hey, I heard it live baby, swag. And oh my "I like it like it like it!" HAHAA. I noticed that Baro was very hyped during the concert, he jumped here and there and Jinyoung's voice is very niseu. During O.K we did the "You~~~~" ( the finger moving part ) and it was very funny lmao. Seems that the only fans who enjoyed B1A4 performance at our section were this noonas /self-pointing. I haven't listen to their new single Only One and My Love, so I just screaming as usual when they performed the song. Only Learn The Bad Things was damn cute lol. Overall I was quite spazzing during B1A4, don't get me wrong. I was still well seated and well behave at the moment /cough.

So afterwards, its f(x) performing. Krystal was absent due to the busy schedule on her sitcom, so it was four of them at the night. Not a big fan but they were very cool so yes, turns on! Victoria ( fan-boys behind shouted "Mama Vic!" ) Luna (adorbs ;~;) Sulli (she's freaking tall lol and sweet too) as well as Amber ( smart as always ) performing La Cha Ta, Nu ABO, Is It Okay? (which is the Paradise Ranch OST, found out its very heart-warming, I should watch the drama. No I haven't watch it, mianhae Changmin lol ), Hot Summer and Pinocchio. Amber wore shade throughout the performance which quite weird but it wasn't affected her mood, she was really hyped! Count Luna in, she was the queen of fan-service at that night. She kissed Sulli and Vic cheeks and running around here and there lol. Vic spoke fluent Mandarin, group of girls shouted "Song Xian, wo ai ni." which I found out very endearing :') I am actually supposed to spazz bout Vic, can't believe that I saw her after watching We Got Married lmfao. Harro Nichkhun waifu, okay crap.

SuJu. Finally.

I definitely will cry a basin if I didn't attend this concert which cause by many factors. Part of them are barely about a guy named Park Jungsoo, exaggerates Yesung, Marry You, It Has To Be You, Hyukjae's blonde hair and definite reason for Kyuhyun. Park Jungsooooooo, why are you so heart-warming, leader?  The moment he entered the stage, each times he sang his parts and each times big screen focused on him, everyone cheering their lungs out. The first track was Superman, and I only managed to chant the "Bam bam bam bam bam" part lol and yes "THE LAST MAN STANDING!" was super loud. They continued with A-CHA and Mr. Simple. Oh well, the LIVE version was way much better so I expect an encore on Super Show 4 prrriiizzz? The introduction was hilarious, I can't really heard it well but I was kind of pretending that I heard it very clear okay lolz. Everyone's introduce with "Apa Khabar...." in the front, but Yesung exaggerates more, he was shouting wtf. I thought he was mad or whut lmao. "APA KAPA? APA KAPA? APA KAPAA?!" Lmao even I write it exaggeratedly. Oh you so child Yeye how can I leave you behind ;~~~; Teukie's introduction was equal funnier, he shouted "Assalamualaikum?" thrice oh my god wtf is happening lmao .___. He was enjoying it, and even asked "Nama saya?" and the crowd went insane and answered "Park Jungsoo~!" ( including me lol ). Kyuhyun's intro was somehow decent the only thing was that Siwon's head covered Kyu face when he turns up on big screen. I was like, "Siwon, I kill you." Lol jk.

Yesung took off the stage with It Has To Be You. How can I describe this. He let us sang the second chorus just like in Super Show 3 omg this is so heart-warming. His voice almost moved me into tears, okay again. Yesung could you just stay here and........ wtv it is. The whole stadium was totally sapphire blue, the crowd singing along on top of that and it was epic beautiful. Malaysia really loves Yesung and vice versa. Lol okay. Then the rest came in and they sang ballad song, Memories. Flawless SJ singing ballad is flawless. Even Eunhyuk and Shindong looked so much serious and I was totally flail alongside the melody, it was beautiful! Oh Hyukjae's blonde hair, we did it Malaysian ELFs, I mean, I'm glad that I finally saw it for the first and the last time the infamous blonde before he changed it to dark brown. Urgh, it looked freaking soft *____* Anyways, they continued with Marry You asjkfjgkglddnnfnf /head-desk/ this is so romantic. Kyuhyun, wae you no looked at me? I screamed at you all the time lmao. I did it seriously, together with a Chinese lady in front of me. She's quiet at time but when Kyuhyun appeared she screamed the loudest lol, I was like "No this is not correct. I need to scream louder than her!" and wallah, welcomed sore-throat. He looked tired though, um yeah. Kyuhyun bb wasn't very bright that night, he was kind of serious. Whatever, my bb is precious. They ended up throwing t-shirt with signatures to the people around Rock Zone, too bad we were too far away (as if I'll fight over Kyu-shirt with others) Finally the boys ended the night with Bonamana and Sorry Sorry. I was in total hype and amazed with myself, because I still remember Sorry Sorry fan-chant! Ide lol ;~;

The show ended with everyone joining SuJu on stage, line up, bow to the audience and went WE WILL COMEBACK SOON. Teuk was the last to disappear from stage after waving the fans, my tear were brimming. He is one kind of leader :') We went out of the stadium and waited for their vans to come out of the place. The securities were blocking the road and my friend saw B1A4's Gongchan waved to the fans inside the van. Cute tiger :3 Me iz short so I see nothing. We waited for bus to come and it was amazingly smooth. Reach KL Sentral and met a group of ladies from UKM and spazz with them about Kpop.

Life is great after all.



1) Purchasing a last minute ticket from my Twitter-list, RM100 for free-seating. Damn, it was one of the most daebak tickets I've ever bought.  
2) Kelana Jaya Line from KL Sentral was totally crowded due to the dysfunctional ticketing machine and I was like "WHY MUST TODAY?" Yeah 30 minutes queuing wasn't that bad though.
3) Had a bad sore-throat after concert, worst than KMW. Thanks to Strepsils, my mum didn't really noticed it lol.
4) My SJ lightstick's battery is worn out already lol, my sapphire blue's fade away heh. How come ;~; 

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