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Thursday, December 22, 2011
92. The Time Traveler - New Age @ Thursday, December 22, 2011

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After a week of unannounced and sudden hiatus ( not that it never happened before ) I'm finally back. Lots and lots of thing to write because plenty of things happened in a week time. I shall begin with the infamous 16/12 and guess I'll briefly go through it. 

Nope, I'd change my mind. I'll write in details. 

Well 21 years ago, one little girl named FHMK born into the world and years later, she becomes a monster. Loljk. Yes it was my birth-day and I found it amusing that on the particular day I couldn't online due to some unfinished matter with Celcom bills ( pay your bills on time fella, tsk I know right ) Birthday always and forever will brings an awkward feeling to me and maybe to you too, as everyone around portrayed a pretty bad acts to please the birthday girl :) Anyways to sum up things, I am no longer a teenager, eligible to cast my vote on the next public election ( I can ramble about politic in my blog ㅡwhich I found out quite appealing nowadays as long as it doesn't against the constitution of law ), being allows to drive car on road with license P which marked as the most embarking moment for 2011, I'm trusted to make a more decent and trustful decision in the next argument, those that will determine my future and many other stuffs. The level of maturity, something that eventual and inevitable that one needs to face throughout his or her life.

It's a life revolution.

As some of you readily knowing this, I had kind of row ( read: kinky relationship ) with people on my Facebook timeline. Usually, I avoid having this kind of relation with anyone in real life especially with my peers but yes obviously I wasn't that friendly enough with them. It feels so weird to say this ( I feel pity to myself a little bit ) but I only getting 6 birthday wishes from my fb friends lol no joke man. Yes, I did receive a few others from Twitter ( Jazz ofc I'll kill her if she doesn't hahaha and few close Kpop-mates ) and text but the reality of being deserted away on fb hit me on my head, which I think pretty much enough to indicate my awkwardness among society. Neither that I'm scare of it nor even feel the pain in heart ( nuuuu, the pain... oh the pain ) I feel quite lucky actually. Yes I am, out of 428 REAL LIFE friends ( and several unknown requested which I buat tak tau ) I found the trust-able 6 including my older sister which on latter days I found annoying lol. I don't need countless wishes on my day, I just need a give and take companion. Matesss ILU :')

Lets move on to another topic, shall we?

So last Thursday I finally passed the JPJ freaking road test and gotten my P driving license. Congratulations to myself, I finally succumb to the pressure and beat the JPJ (?) YAY ME! :3 Lol orz I'm just happy with myself. Well, this year wasn't that bad eh? At the end of the day, at least I can now rent a car to stalk Kpop artists who coming to Malaysia hahhahar funneh. Ibu wasn't passed at her first trial but she did better on second chance, so yeah, now everyone can /fly cough ㅡdrive lol. Younger brother did well in PMR, he scored straight A's woots woots hehehe, frankly he's the best among 4 of us. Obviously, I am quite lucky as I always surrounded by people who send out lots of positive vibes, people who couldn't stop encouraging you from now and then. Whenever I feel like I've lost my glittery's life ( my life, it sparkles on dark ) when life's difficult at some point, by the time they gazed up upon me, none of this mattered. On top of that, this is the best present I've ever cherish in my life. Plus minus, life is still good and you can always smile.
Bahagia itu hanya ada pada hati yang Bersyukur dan Bersabar :)
p/s: Font changes ㅋ

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