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Saturday, December 31, 2011
94. End Chapter 2011 @ Saturday, December 31, 2011

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I cannot believe that 2011 is going to reach the end very soon.

It was like in a blink of eyes ( okay inappropriate exaggerated word but to be honest it was fast, really ) Well, 2011 wasn't my best year to begin with, if I could describe it in word, it just suck. I want to delete the memories, but you know you can never erase it from your life. It wasn't a very smooth sailing ride all these while. I have no idea why but I feel like punching someone real hard ( REAL HARD ) every time I reminiscent the slight of this year memories. There is some hateful to rewind the bitter things so yeah, probably I should skip it and continue writing the good one. I'm still trying to be optimist about life even though every simple things come out with a cost. My eyes were literally force to open and view the other ugly side of the world but I'll keep it as another self reminder. I've plenty of other plan to be achieve on the future, thus I won't let this stupid barrier buried everything. Good luck ne? /pats self.

However to my concern, this year remarks some good point as a fan-girl. I went to few Kpop concerts around the town and accomplished part of my teenage dreams. Hehehe. You would never understand the feeling ( of spending bucks of money on a night stand concerts. ) of being in your dream place if you're lame hopeless people. Dream is exist to be attains, inspiring dream abides to be share! :) In other words, achieving my fan-girl's dream also justify the meaning of killing two birds ( read: many birds ) with one stone. Intentionally went because of SJ but I basically met Big Bang GD, TOP and Seungri, U-KISS, FT Island, Teen-Top, SS501 Park Jungmin, 4Minute, f(x), Miss A, and B1A4. They made my year frigging awesome :') Truth be truth, my 2011 happiness are solely because of K-pop ( aside from family ㅡ well family comes first, people. )

Speaking about relationship reminds how awkward for me to relate myself with surrounding people in this year. I find this matter very intriguing and it requires me to spend a little thought ( later, probably ) Maybe it is because deep down inside, I really do prefer this kind of situation ㅡwhere I never need to move, just stand there in the middle of people, stagnant and motionless. Never making a progress in relationship. In spite of this, I had my own fair share of ups and downs in relationship. Towards the end of 2011 precisely on my birthday, I glad that on my way of making new friends ( though its quaint ) I'm still cherishing the old ones :) ( I hope that I am. )

In the end, I'm just grateful that I've lived to see 2011. I see how much I've grown up and how big the left space for me to grow even more. Thank you 2011, your memories will be dearly miss by me. 

Let the old ones go, let the past buried away and live present. Welcome 2012.

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