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Monday, January 9, 2012
96. First Week On January @ Monday, January 09, 2012

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It was a plain busy week with educational stuff but I managed to catch few random moments that I guess worth to be write here. Well, how should I start this ( staring blankly on desktop because of the sudden dumbness on writing ) 

We had a few quick introductions with new lecturers, so I wonder what kind of impression did I delivered in front of them. Have you ever wonder what kind of thought did you give on your first meeting with new people? I'd always been so curious about this. So the whole course-mates took turn to introduce themselves and I noticed how the lecturer took note on our appearances. When the time comes for me to briefly talked about myself, I was quite blurted. "Nama saya blablahblah, boleh panggil saya etc, etc. Saya berasal dari Johor." And the first thing that she asked was about my actual age which quite a sensitive issue for a 20-er girl like me hahaha. Anyways, I replied her with 22 ( according to 1990's rule ) and she mentioned me about my low tone voice (?) which to her concern shows the first impression of maturity and confident in front of employees. And I'm weirdly flattering due to the small small thing because of....... nah. Nothing. Is the first impression matter for you?

I had to take an off days on my Hangul study, it isn't appropriate to say this but the study consumes quite a big space on my not-so-empty brain when at the same time, I need to give a little more focus on more important matter of life. On the brighter note, I had a random chat with two good seonsangnim from South Korea, Kim SooJin and David Kwon which both of them willing to give an additional instruction on this Hangul learning. I wanna make fun of it, SooJin is younger than me so she worth an eonni and I got an oppa, muahaha who loves Hip-Hop songs ( lol weird eh ) ._. Fighting ne! :3

Last Saturday my friend and I went to have a quick visit at IIUM Gombak due to some private and personal matter and surprisingly the trip was fun ( unfortunately no picture included ) due to our random programs which including Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan around IIUM. I've spending half of my week's budget on the food itself so we had a full stomach for the whole one day. IIUM is amazing place to study, I am flattering ( again ) to be there even though it was like ㅡwe were illegally entered the place lol. In other words, along the short trip we managed to place our foot at IIUM's Center Building, the Library, CFC (?) Building, Kuliyyah of Engineering's Building and Aminah's female dormitory which has the best food ever ( according to the students, I'd tasted Mushroom Chicken's Soup ) Sorry for the lack of details on the place, I'm not sure myself with the surrounding area. Hehehe.

A week of 2012 passed by, I didn't managed to plant a tree even though it was on the list of my new year resolutions. Surely I'll find the time for that little thing. At least I didn't confining myself inside the room for 24/7. ( well, maybe sometimes ) Go go go FHMK! 

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