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Saturday, January 14, 2012
97. Wish Machine @ Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Life wasn't that colorful few days back. I have nothing to be updated literally but since the devoted writer inside me wants to spill out something blahblahblah, here I am again. Give me a second, what did I actually done passed weekdays ago? 

I did a countdown on FT Island concert on January 14th ( which is today and I'm screwed ) but unfortunately my chances of getting a place on a very first concert for 2012 flew away the moment I'd appointed to attend an academic schedule ( for the whole semester ) on Saturday. Ha, lucky my foot. My plan on attending BWF Malaysia Open 2012 wasn't getting on the smooth track too omg doomed. After having such a hard time on new year kick-off wishes, I think that I should really jot down the trip to National Zoo in details ( I am boring like that people. ) Uh lately my Wish Machine has been working over time. Almost everyday, a grand desire popped up on mind ( why is current upgraded DSLR looks so tempting? I don't even. ) and its even brimming over the whole cup of brain with overdosed hope and ridiculous plan. How I wish I could stop wishing for awhile and start living my normal life again.  

So I met college's administration last Thursday and had a deal with one of the staff regarding my current subjects for this coming final year. So glad that finally I have time to sit down and think what's the best thing for myself and at the same time, improved my communication skills with um more mature fella ( this is not a counselling session or whatever you called them. ) Also I realized about my rusting writing skills which kinda bothering me. I learn that by applying your English on blog into the answer sheet won't secure that much marks duh. My bad grammatical errors are keep haunting then I should keep on reading good materials and practice :) Oh by the way, I'm currently reading the infamous Cecilia Ahern's P/S I Love You ( will consider writing a review if I am that hardworking bookworm /smirk haha ) 

And please stop procrastinating!  

p/s: Semerah's sky is very blue. My proud hometown.

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