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Sunday, January 22, 2012
98. Short Update. @ Sunday, January 22, 2012

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A good friend was asking while we're sitting nearby bookstore, "What kind of guy do you find appealing?" And the wise yet naive me answered, "The one whom among his naughty, noisy, wicked friends or whatever you call them, he sit in his own and smiles to their mischievous idea. He shouldn't be talkative, I found in silence, there's attraction." "Really? I thought that you like the Cho Kyuhyunish-type? Omg I like the guy who behave like Kim Hyunjoong, the way he laughs, smiles omg omg ( gibberish talks, gibberish talks, edited due to overdose fangirling )"


I thought that I'm confronting a serious, question. Out of K-pop. Never mind, Kyuhyun is deserted enough from his hyungs.

( insert cricket sounds )

Holla peeps. This week was waaaaay exaggerating itself, no more serene mood as it like before. I found myself stuck into health problem oh let me pen it down briefly. 

So I ate an extra special dinner last Monday night with friends ( precisely two, hanya dua ketul biji ekor kerang rebus, cooked by a friend of a friend of mine. ) without noticing that the scallops were decaying and blahblahblah I found myself displaced on the bed for the whole Wednesday morning till evening. Big sigh. The day before demanded me screwing myself running into toilet ( with half-conscious body ) and vomited at musolla's washroom. I don't even. A close friend told me that I shouldn't blame the food, as it is for us ( or in this case, me ) who should actually make it certain for the food to be edible for a serve. And for the rest of the week, there are always time where stomach feel so much bloated with mineral water and the frenzy feeling you get when you feel like vomit, again and again. Oh the best thing out of this is when you realize that non of other scallops eater found themselves swallow gazillion of colorful tablets like me, which is quite annoying. Dear stomach, wae you no good to master? ;w; xoxo eat good food people, and halal ofc. 

Its semester break! :D And Happy CNY!


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