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Thursday, January 26, 2012
99. My Goguma Heart @ Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Its been quite sometimes since the last time I wrote things about Kpop related on the blog. The self-belonging ( being who I am - the kepoh fellow ) is so strong that I feel distracted to talk about unrelated matter at the moment. But luckily ( talking about Chinese new year = Dragon year = Yong Year ) yesterday night, I'd spent a little time watching back those cute sweet memories of We Got Married YongSeo Couple and heart was weirdly fluttering and I went into cheesy mood "Awww" "Omona" "Kiyopta" "I wanna marry Jung Yonghwa" so on and so forth lol ( I am crazy liek this, I thought I like Kyuhyun the best, but I want to marry all ssienbureu orz )

I'm pretty sure that some of you previously read about my craziness over this couple whom always own a soft spot in my heart albeit not entirely but yes they're lovable. YongSeo gives the kind of vibes awkward feeling when I first watch them. They're awkward ( though TeukSora equally shows unending kinkiness along their introduction part ) Yonghwa seems harsh on the first meeting, he wants Hyun to speak Banmal on the day, which I feel the need to object but as the new chapters goes on and on, they show us how compatible they're to one another, how they means to one another <3 A lil sidetrack here, they might be the less cheesiest compare to Khuntoria and less skinship over Adam Couple, but they're my adorbs OTP. Speaking about Seohyun, reminds us about her declaration on Yonghwa ㅡis not her ideal type. Honestly I don't really read any kind of heartbreaking news but yeah, Seohyun will do her best to protect their image. In between of saying YES and NO, there'll be huge consequences and I bet she predicts it more than anyone. And I'm sure at the end, its Seohyun and Yonghwa that will knows what is in between them :') If they're together, I am a happy Goguma, if they're not, I am a respectful Goguma.

"During yesterday's SNSD fanmeeting, there was a segment where the girls stated a problem they have, and they flipped a special book to a random page for an answer. When it came to Seohyun's turn, before she could say her problem, Yoona shouted, "Wanting to see Jung Yonghwa!", and the other unnies soon followed suit with shouts of "Yong seobang!". Seohyun eventually chose "When can I stop my addiction to sweet potatoes?" as her problem. Seohyun says she does have things she worries about as well, so someone else asked her to name one, and then Yoona jumped in with, "I want to see Jung Yonghwa!" One or two of the unnies echoed "Jung Yonghwa", there was a bit of laughter from the audience, but then some of the fanboys kind of boo'd, but also a few shouted "Jung Yonghwa!" She didn't hear it learly at first, and she went "Ehhh" at the cheesy move by her unnies, always serious Hyun, Yoona the one said "Bogoshipeo Jung Yonghwa!" Some people said this, Taeyeon: "Also, it seems her ideal type is more defined." Some of the unnies went, "Ohh, is that so?" Seohyun said, "What's weird about it?" and Sooyoung replied: "A friend-like boyfriend...."

( credit: Gogumas Twitter )

Oh my goguma's heart! :3 Let's aww-ing together. See, I can be very extreme delusional fangirl too, mehrong. Please spend a few minutes and listen to CN Blue's Love Light and Imagine ( rumor said that both songs written specially for Seohyun ) ㅡwhy do I sound like a promoter xoxo.

What a long entry.

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