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Sunday, February 5, 2012
100th Post @ Sunday, February 05, 2012

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If I were to blog more regularly and less randomly, I would've reached the 100th post a heck of a long time ago but being me, it's rather expected. My posts are random in all sort of way, my mood changes kinda rapidly. I write what I feel like writing and that certainly seize the reason that ㅡI'm not blogging for others to read, I indeed blog for myself. All the previous entries paint a picture of who I am, well not all, but I can roughly see what I was 1-2 years ago and how am I currently. The lame side of me vividly depicted in the choice of words and it shows the mature side of me. When I was younger, I'm started off with a few chapter of old-fashion diaries and I find it amusing yet amazing to still owning it :) Having this blog back on 2010 ignites back the excitement inside me as writing always being my passion since ages ago. Never once I left around without at least a pen and a notebook, I prolly considered this blog as the best place of gathering plenty of ideas inside my scrambled mind. Along the typical daily life learning, it's nice to just sit around and read how other's world goes by. I love catching snippets of random people's blog; it gives me a sneaky peek into the lives of others. Or maybe I shouldn't do it again. Well, at some point I realize that this blog has become too open for me to write everything that I wanted to write. So, everytime I decide to blog, I have to consider the possibility of people whom I prefer not to be here reading the posts I put up here. That is somewhat a nuisance. I cannot afford to allow people that I know and I don't to read me. The more that I share, the more faults people may find about me. Alas, I'm aware that I can do nothing to hold people out of their curiousness, so do my curiousness. But I guess I'm okay with it. Say hi to me if you're one of those silent reader, I won't bite. Wohoo, hundred more posts I guess?

Salam Maulidur Rasul :)

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