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Saturday, February 18, 2012
102. To Get Together @ Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Plenty to pen down versus horrible time management justify the reason for being away almost two weeks. So, shall I start rambling?

Just in case you didn't know, the whole batch of semester four having an individual job interview last week, some called it practical, with a panel of foreign lecturers. I called it "candidate speaking unwisely with hope to answer ajkfjgkglhk tricky questions properly." Huhu anyways it was a fun experience overall. I had been in front of main hall since 0900 yet my name only been called around 1030. To my surprise, it was actually a pair interview which means I get to be in the room together with another candidate ( which is Darsha, a very pleasant outspoken Indian girl thus it demands me to be extra cautious with my broken English ) 

Madam Hafsa, an English educator from West Asia greeted us weirdly "How's the weather outside? Is it hot?" which means she's up to her obvious acting skills ( she knows me very well, and I know her tricks pretty well too ) To make a long story short, I'm actually quite satisfied with the whole interview process though I was like pretty much blank for the rest of time when Madam get too focused on questioning Darsha. Few tricky questions been asked related to the job that I'm practically applying. At sometime, I stuttered and went "OMG what should I say." I told myself "calm down, calm down, calm down" and hoping the brain will works much faster lol. Well at the end, it was just a fun practice with course-mates yet I'm hoping that my mark will be satisfying to the point of my expectation. All is well :) 

Did I told you that I'm currently reading Cecilia Ahern's P/S I Love You before this? Unless you're really really oblivious to who I am, you should know that I rarely finished the book that I read. ( exception goes to Harry Potter :P ) Oh screw that, I forgot the pages that I left before and went spending 50 bucks worth of One Malaysia Book Voucher on another three knuckles which makes me equally qualified as February's Most Wanted Bookworm evaaah yay. 

What the hell should I do with the voucher anyway?

One book really interests me though. A sub-book from Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them. Apparently there was only one copy left so I was frigging excited to find it and still stand firm to purchase though it causes me almost RM30. Wouldn't mind buying it with such price for a 300 offered pages, but these book is practically plus minus only 83 pages creycrey I paid it with a voucher anyway who cares mwahaaha /slaps. And to be honest the book marked as the first ever book finished by fahamokha90 in 2012 :) Yeah, I know you can do it xD

It's family and friends bonding time! ;D


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