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Wednesday, February 22, 2012
104. Random Amusing @ Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Back on few days ago, I joined accompl.sh, a community based, goal achieving site and listed 10 nearest goal that I want to achieve in this current year. One of those goals include reading 10 books before May ends. It is a mission that I develop, track, publish the progress report and gonna be accomplish in this coming 365 days or less. By the way, I also accepting myself a challenge to "cook a meal at least once per month." muahehe. I think this going to be very fun :3 ( for a lazy girl like me ) You should try it, it's fun for real.

So I went through a number of weird things pass 48 hours ago. I won myself a pair of tickets to Malaysia versus Japan's Olympic Qualification from @TeamMsia lol this is awkward really. Answered the question "Name one of the football players who played in Munich 1972" with Soh Chin Aun, and I simply won the tickets which is very lucky. ( fyi I never won myself any Kpop contest before sobs ) However to my concern, the match will be up on Wednesday, February 22nd ( which is wow, today ) where my monthly test going to be held at the same night. Hurray (Y) I don't even have the right to curse any particular people, nor date to begin with. Pissed off. I really want to see Harimau Muda ( coughFadhliShascough ) in action.... Nooooo. Whatever fella I'm going back home this coming weekend and that's matter the most. I need to recharge myself with ibu and again ibu's wise words, well you know what, life-battery apparently drains out so fast blahblahbla.

Herm, oh ya! Probably this is the effect of being an abnormal submissive person, I apparently having this big big big big crush on this Hollywood actor, Lucas Till mwahahahahha *continues laughing hysterically for a few minutes* You can see him appeared on Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me and Hannah Montana: The Movie ( which I found out becoming two most replaying back-to-back music video/film on my desktop. ) I rarely have this kind of childish dream, but now how I wish I'm walking the street with him and his worn-out jeans,  laughing on the bench thinking to myself, hey isn't this easy. Nah I'm just crapping lah..... lol

Seeya seeya people!


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