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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
105. If The Tiara Fits The Bug Face @ Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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You know what.

I had this butterfly things flying inside tummy when I went pass through this movie, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Okay you can laugh over it, but this film is too sweet :) Of course, Mario Maurer as P'Shone is one good looking and adorable male student ( read: omfg how can he be like very angelic along the movie teach me how ide Pan-Asian purr-fect 10! ) that plenty of girls out there went head over heels on him but what am I suppose to confess here is that this movie is like the one that can bring back all the memories of your highschool days, and your first love. A movie that will claim a lot of your tears ( prepare a hanky if you going to watch this, I love the part on Shone's revelation diary that I cried almost a bucket of tear orz ) A movie that will make you smile and laugh. Overall, its a movie about life, puppy love, friendship and loyalty that rolled into one.  

I love the scene where Nam, the bug face girl deliberately passed through Shone's classroom just to see his face, played it almost countless time because I find it connected to myself in any kind of kinky ways haha :) And the stage play scene was the most enjoyable one. I love everything about the stage play, the smooth flow of the scenes to the character of real prince ( which I'm not sure of his name ) was so laughable! Teacher Inn's freaking hilarious, I cracked the most every time she wants to impress the Physical Education teacher she likes. Shone was overwhelming eye-candy, another reason to love a photographer hihihi and Nam's very cute as a Snow White..... with dental braces :P A very adorable squid story too narrated by a story-teller that was so cute that you feel like squishing him into a squid himself :3 The revelation diary was epic, it touches my heart tremendously that Shone made Nam a scrap book full with her captures and even grew a white rose which later given to Nam on Valentine's Day yes given from root to its full blossom. :') Its cute that he even remember the first time he held Nam hand, the Snow White Nam. D'aww. Does guy like Shone really exists nowadays? I want him right now. Lol jk.

Hey, remember there was one story about a girl who registering her name on school's Red Cross Society Club just because he is one of the main committee members? To get his phone number, she earnestly collected the whole members' details when at the end, he only passed his residency's number. Still delighted with the result, she muster up her courage to call him, only to hear his sister's voice asking the mute caller. When he was busy with his marching practice, she stayed in the school together and secretly telling him that he kept on improving day by day. One day, the club teacher asked them to sit and learn about Emergency First Aid for tomorrow's school event and leaving the whole class murmuring with dissatisfaction. Out of the blue, he came in asking for a piece of paper from the girl. The girl and her friends were startled for a moment before she shakily passed a bunch of paper to him. That Feb 14th 2006 remarks the day where the first time for him talking to her. Then keeping his things as a souvenir? Oh well, she still had his attendance signature ( lol ) keep safe with her property :) Well, its funny how life relates to one another perfectly.

I believe that every one of you were once travel into this kind of phase. Immaturity overloaded, oh well who cares o///// No wonder this movie tagged along the words "Based on true story...." :') A Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a must see movie that will make you feel all those happy-giddy-bubbly feeling that surely will put a smile on your face. Let us holding hands and saying "awwww" together. Thank you for reading my review lols.

Welcome welcome March! Mario Maurer ILU, come to Malaysia please! ( self-slap)

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