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Friday, February 3, 2012
99-1. Friday Again @ Friday, February 03, 2012

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Past two weeks ago were feels very fast as I couldn't distinguished the partially moments one by one. Neither that I'm very busy nor very free that I couldn't even make it simpler for my mind to relish good moment, I'm just too preoccupied with real life. Wehehe what an excuse. Somehow I got myself to update this blog of mine after so many draft been saved on the mean time. Anyway I made a deal with this one online friend that I am about to purchase something secret. And I am very excited about it ( read: super ) But lately due to her busy schedule of study, she couldn't even spend a little time to reply my e-mail. I am pretty sure that I'll be extra pissed if she is still on her random mode of on and off. Oh well. Probably I'll jot it down here once the deal make up my eagerness. Can't tell at the moment due to overwhelming secretiveness. Haha. 

One of my lecturer informed us that there are offers of doing an internship on five chosen major manufacturer laptop companies in Malaysia and the eff, I am very interested ( sense some desperation state on my words ) As you already know ( I assume that you know it ) I really want to get away from the hella-banking-money-related. I have this option of graduating inside of the technological area and I wanna challenge myself of getting at least a grip out of the five. Anyway internship in major companies like this are really hard to get and only chosen 5 out of my batch with good CGPA ( of course you fella and secure an A in computerization skills ) will be choose at the end. Oh by the way, next week is my interviewing week and I am freaking no idea with it. With plenty of other stuff to be finish on time, I found every single things annoyed the crap inside me. Blegh PMS you girl. Madam told me that my pre-resume was lack with technical skills, do I need to write cooking in the list, I knew it ( shut up, shut up ) I don't want to look stupid in front of the panel, who wants it by the way? I will be a lovely interviewee so please be a good interviewer. 

Can't believe that January just ended few days ago and now its new month baby, February! Wohooo ( cricket's sound ) Well, um. Time flies indeed, I'm happy with it but at the same time, its bothering me. I don't want it gone away without leaving a big mark on my life, I mean good things should come many times ain't it? :) Hehee. Oh I really should get this butt out of the chair and start travelling, jalan-jalan cari makan around, aw I miss backpacking alone, who wants to join me? :3 

p/s: It's Kyuhyun's aegi day. My baby's growing up, I am such a proud mummy girlfriend :') Let's get married after I graduated okay oppa? ( self-slap )

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