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Sunday, March 11, 2012
107. Self Pampering @ Sunday, March 11, 2012

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I think Ifa was right about me being a pampered girl among friends. I'm such an intimate family girl who goes back hometown every two ( coughonecough ) weeks, I've bad ability in cooking, I'm easily get myself into mood swinging, I'm full with sarcasm, anak manja peluk bantal and the list goes on. Heck no worries I'm slowly waking up about this particular matter but regardless all this things, hey I'm still deserve a right to justify myself anyway. Not giving any excuses, it is all up to you to judge it. Well as you probably know I am the second child of a very considerate typical Malay family to begin with. Growing up with two beautiful sisters and a teenage brother was not quite easy to be honest, everything isn't fall into their places like I want. While three of them departed to boarding schools respectively, I was the only one, only one staying back in home hiding behind the sack. Yes I am. Imagine myself being the point of attention when the big fat prosperous family gathered. The optimistic fahamokha90 sometimes can be muted by the insist blasting of questions. Ibu wasn't fussed, but I know deep inside she was worried about me. And so did I.

To make a long story short, life's practically changed and I'm apparently abroad, away from Johor at least for the past two years. Well thought, beginning is always the hardest part of all. I was in deep of culture shock about the idea of being independent. ( It wasn't that bad actually I'm just exaggerating. ) In the eyes of Ifa and close buddies, I probably the kind of pampered girl ( refer the above list ) Perhaps they never had a thought of imagination about me overnight at airport, midnight walking over Putrajaya, backpacking to countless places around Malaysia, proud fangirl who didn't just boldly screaming but having load of international networking, also owning and writing an aspiring blog ( just ignore this -.,- ) Not to mention, doing it alone. This kind of freedom doesn't come empty handed though, I'm owning so much to my family for their trust. And to have your parents trusting you is already precious blessing, so hold on to that trust. By all means, I'm still a homebodies girl who never lose her sense of adventure. 

To be independent is great of course, but to be depend and trust by someone is incredible :) P/S And surely everyone can cooks, it just the matter of taste or tasteless food (...) eh?


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