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Friday, March 16, 2012
108. Dealing With Law @ Friday, March 16, 2012

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So yesterday we had a 20 minutes slide-show presentation on a chapter of Law subject. It was our turn to present about the Fundamental Right on Malaysian Constitution and stuff I don't care much I never like law before and I really have no idea on what reason should a business technological student learn about law and full stop. I spent my morning grumbling about how nervous I was at the moment and it was really tense... just because we need to present the things in front of our insensitive part-time lecturer slash a cool lawyer, Sir Mustafa Afifi. How can I explain this, perhaps if you're part of the judiciary council you should actually realize that lawyers, judges and magistrates are obviously sticking along with themselves together, like really together together. They're vampire like that.

At almost 8PM, I went over to class and saw Aini preparing her part of slideshow and the rest of members haven't arrived yet. It was quite hectic and I saw another group in front of us already well prepared with notes and stuff, so I was pretty much bluffing "The hell, where's our group members? We're ran out of time buddies!" Finally Zaza, Erna and Abraham safely arrived and started linking all the power-point stuff, and heck Zaza couldn't find her case-study on Article 7 and Abraham haven't started of his slide, YET. Imagined it, I felt like flipping all the tables around and screaming. To calm Zaza's nervousness on her lost article, I told her that Afifi lecturer won't even realized the mistake. Oh well, while other people dose off with earlier group's presentation, we were battling against the time and wallah, amazingly we were at the front of the lecture hall.

To sum up it all:

Truth by truth, it was a fun experience overall. Well we are still the shallow and full of flaw students who make silly mistakes after all :) xoxo sorry for this lame entry xD 


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