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Monday, March 26, 2012
109. Camaraderie @ Monday, March 26, 2012

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I really take time to get myself updating this frigging blog of mine. Sorry on behalf of my busy schedule as a fangirl cough hardworking student. After hours of staring at the monitor where creeps are headbanging against one another, finally I come to realization that I am just another lazy blogger who have plenty stories to share on mind but sadly suffer a bad time management muahehe. 

Oh well. Last March 18th on Sunday morning I took the time to meet an old friend whom I hadn't met in years, JazzeyqaAj. We planned to meet at nearby PWTC's monorel station in conjunction of Matta Fair 2012 ( probably should Google it yourself if you're interested about the event ) It's amazing how we managed to keep in touch over the years. One of the few things I approve social network of. I can't remember the last time I met her, perhaps it was 5 years ago after collecting own SPM result early 2008. But she looked the same, like she hadn't aged a bit, and I hope the feeling is mutual. I still see the glimpse of hyperactive form 5 Jazzeyqa lol and there was no second of me battling against the awkwardness! :) Now she's working after graduated in certain department, and complaint about how it was so hard to get more out of this. I expressed my agreement, saying that how working life is way much suffocating compare to school/college life. When I went home, I kept wondering why our discussion was so mature. Have we really turned that old? 

In all seriousness this has been a great way to simply decompress from a hectic work semester, attend a short reunion with friend and simply, relax. Yeah I meant it. We just booked two packages of 3D2N free and easy travel to Sabah for the end of year backpack. ( It's the cheapest you know and I saw the tour package to Seoul asjkgfjklg laterr I earn money and buy that for myself ;w; ) Lol I feel awesome for some weird reason XD Anyway I had so much fun meeting her, hey fella we should meet again at Seoul Garden later okay? Recently as much as you can see, I have so much comfort with my prospect of social life. I get along well with course-mate even it takes almost 4 semester to feel that kind of way. Well I used to hide myself when others gathered on an event, but it plainly disappeared. I went attending a far friends house gathering, have a chat with other comrades whom I used to ignore before. Well I guess it's because the ending scene is fast approach. Come on two semesters aren't that long ._. 

So rejoice, smile to strangers and make new friends! ( eh gila mengarut minah ni )

I'm not a christmas tree >: [credit: @JazzeyqaAj]

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