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Tuesday, April 3, 2012
110. A Constant Beginning of April Days @ Tuesday, April 03, 2012

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I like this kind of feeling :)

Sitting on the top bunk of the bed, cradling the laptop worrying about nothing except for the few last presentations in this coming two weeks. While others busying with their life, I'm here knocking the key tabs pouring the thought about self. Oh yes its a new month again. It's always like this in this place, weekend-less with no Monday class which in either way is nothing much better.

I still found myself having much fun with course-mates bonding last week. We had our very own computer technical convention on Sunday, it was so much blast that everyone was clinging to one another and wanted their faces to be on record. The students debate was fired! Though it was quite unfriendly manner for the juniors ( yes I'm pertaining to you, Semester 3 ) to bombard us with boos, hell no one care about it. I can't say I did well against my opposition but at least it worth the times given. Few days later, we had our trip to Beryls's Chocolate Factory nearby Serdang for a mere OM's case study. It was quite boring at first, my mood was literally suck up when uncle bus chooses "Adnan Sempit 2" as the movie playlist.

In addition of the chaos, that chocolate factory was overrated honestly. We had very limited time to get access nearby the administration, 10 minutes insides the hall and later I was aimlessly lingering around the factory in hope to see more encouraging layout, as course-mates indulge themselves with chocolate tester so on and so forth ( coughfreecough dark chocolate is very nice! xD ) I went unleashing my crappy photography skills, and it was such a gleeful moment with soooooo many kindergarten kids discarded around the front gate! It feels as much as you were there together seeing Charlie won himself a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory :D Of course one great thing to be learn from children is about how honest they're with situation. Smiling widely when they're happy and crying when they're scared.. of me. As pure and simple as that :) Surrounded by a flock of kids made me feel loved ( w t f cheesy ) especially when they smiled back at me and my camera ._.v

All in all, it was a good day. I conceded that the trip still overwhelm the childish part of me despite the lack of information received and obviously it just me. Found out that others kept on complaining about the trip and throwing tantrums on Facebook group page, what is even. This is why I hate bonding w/ societies. It makes me losing my interest with coursework that I decided to ignore everything :/ Ahh, I'm pretty sure will come out with millions of excuses about lazy matter. What else. Heheh.

I've been planning a lot of things lately in my head as a sign of welcoming April. Wohoo, time surely flies. Read a book, finishing Pasta, travel, eat foods, hardcore study, photo-blog and smile to strangers! Hahaha you wouldn't know who's the next person that might fall in love with it ;P


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