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Thursday, April 5, 2012
111. Self Reflecting 1 @ Thursday, April 05, 2012

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Few days ago I've been browsing about women and hijab, about the world hijabi's style etc. Nothing bother me about the stuff to be frank, I'm not really updated with the fashion myself.  However I found it intriguing and this worth an acknowledgement when two friends of mine manage to change my point of view about wearing a hijab. One of them decided to wear hijab after years of living without it and the other one turns out choosing a niqab as her attire. Sudden thought came into mind, how and why they made such distinct decision? Whatever came crossed into their mind, I've longing to know it. Maybe it was anxiety, maybe it because of curiosity. I don't know, I guess it called Hidayah.

Being a hijabian since I was a kid, I tried to recall back my propose of wearing it. As we grew older and graduated from sekolah agama, wearing a veil to cover our head isn't teachers' matter to deal anymore. Neither that parent have the consent by letting us to decide our choice of life. Maturity comes with a meaning of deciding the intention, whether to follow up nowadays fashion's trend, to impress other people with the beauty of hijabi's itself, or to cover the aurah. I am scare if it goes far afield from what it should be. Have we ever wonder if we place the hijab properly to cover our chest? Of course to wear is considered as to cover, not as simply adding sins with tight outfit. 

I have so much things to be write about this matter. It comes together with so much thought about self-mending. Guess I should start with the basic of covering my foots first. ( and of course my heart. ) 

Submission to Allah s.w.t, I am still learning and You'll always know what am I thinking.

5.57AM - Fajr prayer 

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