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Saturday, April 28, 2012
112. Surprise! @ Saturday, April 28, 2012

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It's been awhile :)

No I'm not busy just in case you're wondering, just a /mere/ cycle of a student's life. There were plenty of tests, quizzes,  bitching administration, activities ( in fact, I was suppose to attend one beach event at Port Dickson today but being a lazy me, nothing matter than weekend inside own room ) The only main reason for my absenteeism on blogspot is because of love-hate relationship with my Internet connection. I apologize for the impudent respect towards me and you /slaps.  Oh well. 

What I Did During My Blog-Hiatus:

This thing deserves a highlight. I took the advantage of lacking Internet connection ( ahem! ) to revise /moar/ academic books for final preparations ( how can you believe this brilliant ideas, its not gonna work out for me ) and watching few Korean dramas/varieties, not to mention Ombak Rindu lols. It was okay, I mean I'd so much of expectation of watching the film. I read the novel once when I was in high-school.. oh um. Next was Sassy Girl ChunHyang where you find me crying a bucket for the scripted Lee MongRyong and Shun Chunhyang's love. Le sigh. Back on 2006 when I first watch them on the screen, I'd longing to meet someone loyal like MongRyong who even waiting for Chunhyang after reincarnates and the list goes on and on ( this is so sweet ;w; ) 6 years passed by and ironically, I'm still alone luls. I'm not complaining though, it just feel funneh.  

Will write crap things again later. Thanks for reading, if you ever read this o/   


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