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Sunday, May 6, 2012
113. There and Back Again @ Sunday, May 06, 2012

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Time surely flies.

I lost my count on how many times did I emphasizing this phase. Wonder if I neglected April too much (I guess so) but hey welcome May! May you always bring me something to smile about, well about life maybe or anything. Definitely will appreciate every little small things in life as much as I could. Hoooooyeah. 

Jeehan told me about her agony upon the university entrance's interview which I'm glad that I've nothing to deal with it anymore. Being a good sister, I calmed her telling that everything going to be alright but I know the feeling of answering muddled questions just make you feel like freaking turning the tables. The fact that both of us (+Imeen) hate meeting people justifies the meaning of sibling lol okay what a crap. Ironically, at the end of the day my major course drags me the most towards this public-related field. Throughout the lesson I realized that I'm not the kind of those public pleasing fella. People find me unfriendly. What can you expect with it. There is no passion and satisfaction go hand in hand and without them, I found everything annoys the crap inside me. I rather work in a garden satisfying my greenery needs than ends up struggling to stand on client commitment and how it will gives me pressure every single hour. Despite the hate, I'm still aware of how people spending hard time looking for job, and I have to think about pleasing my parent. The downside of pleasing my interest might ends me with penniless. FYI, under-graduate who still unable to garner world's attention on her talent talking shit about job is such ungrateful attitude. So I better rest my case.

Still, another semester ends and another year left. Life is indeed a journey. Let me muster up my courage and keep on walking. I might stumble somewhere I like, who knows? :)

Yesterday midnight, I accompanied ayah to watch his vital football match via online. What I did was searching for reliable streaming link, helping him adjusting the internet line from buffering too much and clinging behind him watching Torres at bench. Little did I know that he actually stared too long on my broken-punah-ranah-rabak-laptop whatever it is, I was a little ashamed. Yet I told him, "The lappy's fine, it just couldn't stand heat for too long. But I'm okay with it." trying to held him off from feeling guilty of buying new laptop for my sister /cough. He didn't reply any words, quietly watching me handling the mouse-pad as I shove him with the keypad buttons for his reference. Soon enough, he was later drowning within the red sea of virtual scousers. There were very little conversations between us yet it feels comfortable in the silence. Tell me why do I find this moment heart-warming though, hmmfph. 

Because I'm hopeless crybaby daughter. Huhuhu. Bye for now!

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