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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
114. Random101 @ Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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I've a few things to update so I'll just put them in order.

1. You know what, something nuisance about online blogging consciously bugging me, well.. since a minute ago. Apparently I realize on how much effort it takes for me to actually pen it down my real feeling on random matter without having a thought of fear with the consequences of being read, being judge or whatever it is from you. Oh well is it typical for a person like me to feel a little bit insecure or is it just another private-symptoms cunningly dance through the brain of mere December-born ladies? Who knows. I particularly thought that writing unleashes my inner creativity but what I did since half an hour ago was deleting hundred of letters on draft again and again, hmmpft. When writing needs effort to please others, it surely won't be enjoyable, definitely making you feel miserable. Seems that I write better when there's no reader. Maybe I should possess my mind thinking illogically and tell myself: Go crap who cares anyway, pheeew. 

-random psychology amusing ends here-  

2. I'm having a hard time in order to not taking holidays for granted. It is! Joining Jeehan, we both seem to leisurely circumnavigating around home, adding weight. The say of wanting time to be use utterly is obviously just a say. I am very please with myself weee. Anyways, past May 1st, 2nd and 10th were another close friends' birthdays. I did nothing but hopefully the thought of wishing them on fb shows my effort of making them smile on that special days :D Yes it was effortless to be honest and I have no reason to be proud of it but who cares o/  

3. My weekend was unexpected lively with Imeen at home, that we ended up talking about football for hours. Since the day was conjugated with Liverpool-Chelsea match, the topic was about the past Liverpool team, how they progress now and bla, bla, bla (specially mention: Torres.) Accompanied the thought was a bulk of memories from 2008/2009 season (which in my opinion, the most enjoyable so far.) I once thought that with Torres departing to another club, everything revolves around won't be the same anymore. The truth is, changing is inevitable and yes everything changes. A lot. The Liverpool's Spanish era had come to a stop, that's the way football is where player will come and go. Still Liverpool is Liverpool where the club is bigger than any player. Its not the name behind that we are supporting, it's the crest in the front :) Well, we might just missing Torres's clinical finishing in front of goal at his best though xoxo.

Football's club is interesting tbh with it own ups and downs, just like Kpop's fandom l o l

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