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Friday, June 1, 2012
116. Rampage What @ Friday, June 01, 2012

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Mom was in rage this morning, it started since yesterday night with quite a nonsense reason. (in my opinion of course) She asked me to sleep early at 11 as if she doesn't know that her daughter is practically having a insomniac stillness. I went arguing with her behind the back of the door before decided to doze into bedroom at 12, right under her sight. I'm not exaggerating but seems that even the slightest light from mobile phone getting on her nerves.

"You're going to be sleepy all day long." She told me right after prayer. Yeh mom. "Was still awake at 3 in the morning on my daily student life, yep! So no worries."

She never stopped after that. She was consciously blurting out her madness on how a daughter should help on doing house-chores, learning which is which responsibility lies on a /daughter/ and yadayadayada. She told me how grateful we are with her around managing all stuff conscientiously. With that said, I personally couldn't get through her main propose of ranting over me. Was she actually hating me sleepy all day long, or was she mad at my blank attitude on house-chores, or was she felt the need of rampaging early in the morning.

The only thing works at that moment was music and laying on bed starring on the top. Thought that I won't have much room to think if I keep on blasting my ears with loud music but I ended up crying instead. I won't blame the sound for being so mellow, I blamed myself for being so shallow. At the end of the day, it's all goes into my false account. I am so sorry for my very little sense of a human being. Ahem.

It was such a tiring morning that I feel so sleepy now. And I guess mom was right.

I'm a sleepy-head indeed. Well it is just a nature of me.

On the brighter note, I just went through another head over heels madness craze on YongSeo couple, be grateful there will be no related entries written on behalf of the spazz orz. They're forever cute that I feel like freaking turning everyone around into a Goguma. Also I found a reason for myself to have a holiday to Japan (out of topic I know) I freaking need to meet and greet Takenouchi Yutaka omg his handsomeness is a crime lol fangirl /cough.

My boring holiday life. Welcome welcome June.

Bye for now!

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