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Thursday, June 7, 2012
118. Common Jasmine Orange @ Thursday, June 07, 2012

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Through music one can actually understand the relationship between a person and nature that other people might not see (alert: craps). The review of the song probably late (considering the release date of the album on 2004) but who cares, my brain is flooded with too many ideas for this entry lol.  

The title of the song (Qi Li Xiang) actually has two different meaning which is Common Jasmine Orange, a type of plant which has a strong fragrance which can be smell as far as 7 Chinese Miles. Therefore another meaning of this song is Seven Miles Fragrance. 

Despite the fact that the chorus is keep on repeating too often that sometimes make it sounds boring, I still consider this song as a great masterpiece from this Taiwanese music genius - Jay Chou. The song starts off nicely with good Chinese string music instrument and never failed to make me repeating it all over again. The effect of the wind sound gives the feeling of sitting in a capacious green field in the spring, taking the listener back to the simple feeling of a villager's life during harvesting season (?). Jay's best partner, Vincent Fang wrote down another beautiful poem forming a stranded interesting lyrics which gives me a warm and endearing feeling. Perhaps the lyrics are too constructed at some part and carries an equal depth of a poem to understand.   
Loving the music video freaking much especially at the end of the song, Jay slowly get himself closed to the female lead and whispered whatever stuff at her ear oh boy he seemed so sweet asjkfshjkfljaaaaay ;A; /slaps. The mv definitely makes me want to go out and feeling the warm of sunshine and nature, walking and running (w t f lol) around the house and field. 

Highly recommended for new listeners (cough also for those who are stuck inside the house) This song is worth mentioning in an entry.

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