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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
119. Friend Ship @ Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Sit down and relax.

I detest myself  for abandoning this blog hehe. As what usual, there are many things on mind yet too little ideas on how to convey it properly within a post. I'm lousy with words, I picked the wrong term, I have problem with keyboard. Yet I decided that the blog needs to be updated at least once a week. Okay decide is a strong word. Plan, I'm planning. (alert: lazy mode pft) 

Life is normal. Past day ago I spent time rummaging myself on bed and ended up thinking of an old friend of mine. We were good together, to my surprise, despite all those different attitudes and behaviors as well as public perception on us. I was a bit of goody book-worm girl while she's a pretty much a gaga all the times. Personally I find this friendship rather peculiar. Our personalities collide, those of the water element had a hard time of compromising the fire. But I have no problem with differences between us, that makes us unique in our own way.

When we talk about childhood friendship, the word "reason" doesn't even occur. You don't come out with the idea of befriend with somebody in favor of borrowing or lending him/her answer, assignment, as a companion in classes or caused by any materials propose. She was as imperfect as me, so we shared the joy and sorrow together, always the cheapest and easiest way of getting out from boredom during school years. Things weren't always as peachy, we had our own share of drama. Nothing that others can't offer. A friend ship to look back and say "Those were the best of the days." But two years were merely like a blink of eyes, neither that it really leaves us a meaningful days nor a meaningful friendship.

Distance always left people with the state of frustration over their inability to have a satisfying relationship, even within friends. Some say both parties are dependent on each other, meaning that both need to be tolerate with one another. Distance taught us to be independent, to learn new things and to mingle up with new friends. Perhaps distance did cause us vulnerable in many kind of ways. Perhaps the new friend is better than I ever was.

Its been quite sometimes since I'm spinning myself away with the term best friend. Old friends pass by, new friends appear. Friends to laugh with are everywhere, but I guess no one even bother to understand a proper meaning of friendship. I don't open up too much to acquaintances, it might be one of my countless mistakes in life. I keep my secret on my own, some might realize how deep is the key of trust located within me.

Think and think.

I'm not sure about this but I believe good friends might not talk to each other as often as before, but they'll always love each other the same. I need people to correct me if I go overboard. I might have overlooked this matter, I might forget to cheer myself well. For I am just a mere human, with incredible flaws constituting the whole architecture, of me. And I think this post has derail from it's original propose but. oh. whatever. More often than not, my post is always moody and sometimes, it don't makes sense to other people nor do I. Heh sorry for that.

p/s: wanting to share lots of thought and spending hours talking about unimportant things with missing partner but afraid that she might not even missing me. How are you there? ㅡ(sitting side by side on our sheepish 16.)

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