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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
124. Of Something Weird In Mind. @ Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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How can she hides her sorrow, when the place she once lost herself appears back on her mind. She never know what makes her turned up in the area so she walked her step one by one, throwing a curious look around, scanning the whole scene, admiring how everything still looks the same like few years ago. Every time she opened her eyes, things convincingly feel surreal. As she invited herself into a slow moving vehicle, one could only imagine how puzzled she was seeing a packed of people around. 

At the end of the corner, there was a person standing alone waiting for something or maybe someone. He brought a familiar feeling around her, seems that he always been that one figure she dearly looked for. The glance he threw together with a smile was immortalize as if the sound of clock has stopped all along, as if the sound of wind is quietly lying, enticing. 

"Where did I met him before?" Clouds of thought swirling around. She definitely forgot everything around her was just a mere dream for someone who is always overslept. And then she wakes up. Poofs! 

ㅡI always capable of throwing weird melancholic thought every single time I listened to Jay Chou's. Very weird habit of mine! Hehehe. So my past days were pretty much colorful. I've too many things to share here, about my study, the bonding moment, and those little things around that caught my attention. Regardless this tiny time I have, I'll try to write it down at time.  

Have a good day! :)

Meet some cats around :)

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