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Friday, July 27, 2012
125. Random 102 @ Friday, July 27, 2012

2 note (s)

Random stuffs need some update I guess.

1. Ramadhan comes and go. It came back again seven days ago when I was in the early progress of final year project bizarre. As I'm turning into a 22 years old mature lady perhaps this year's thought were readily full with a more wisdom attitude InsyaAllah. So I'm pretty much hoping that it will be a new starter at least to my inner lesion. Trying to enlighten this holy month with more spiritually uplifting moment, and not to mention, it is always the perfect bonding time with old mates. May this year Ramadhan come out the best out of the rest. Ramadhan Kareem everyone! :)

2. I ended up reading a well written entry by a Singaporean fellow friend on how he embarks his journey soon after degree's graduation with a wise act of performing umrah at Mecca early this year. Never had the same thought from the beginning perhaps I was too preoccupied with the word "graduation" itself. Life changing moment comes once in awhile. One of them might hails on top at the transition of being a student to a full-time working fella. Inside the decision of performing umrah after graduation, I found the sweetness of putting Allah SWT as the first in everything. It's quite heartwarming. 

3. Somewhere accompanied a close friend yesterday evening buying a solemnization dress for her upcoming lead event probably held at the end of the year. Yes she's getting married ( perhaps jodoh awal, I got nothing against it ) So I had some gleeful moment of a typical excited girls choosing which of which is prettier, better and whiter ( which took almost two, yes at least two hours ) and things finally came to the end after 5-6 rounds of visit on the same floor of the shopping complex. I didn't blame her for the time she took due to the thought of ㅡif it were me, I potentially and probably will make trip to the boutique everyday. Joking, I hope not. Hmpft.

4. Little sister Jeehan got an offer somewhere around Pahang, good lucks for that. Kaklong is residing home since month ago and starts her job hunting, or not. Imeen is getting taller and quieter ( the last time I challenged him, he was around my shoulder and now he passed my head ) Guess it's normal for a teenage boy like him. Ibu has the sudden urge of being a melodramatic mother during this fasting month and Ayah is the handsomest guy on the earth for treating me the best past month :D Oh the annoying temptation to leave these messy table and flee hometown.

Phew. What a random post. Haha. Always am.

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