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Monday, August 13, 2012
127. Iftar Again. @ Monday, August 13, 2012

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Had a chance of killing some time and spending some bucks at one famous place in capital city of Malaysia last Friday back with few college-mates. Despite the fact that the place famously known as the shopping heaven for women, I found it to be an ordinary crowded place which makes me sweating and losing my own way so I ended up finishing only a couple of ringgit at the place. Some friends were really amazed with my determination to hold my patience seeing all those tingling wingling gown, hijab, colorful weird scarf and etc. While some thought that I am just another cheapskate stingy girl who really loves her money that couldn't be trade even for a thing. For some good reason, you can say I am fairly accepting both answers hehehe.

Just in case, you're wondering, I did trade my expenses for a sail called an experience. Instead of getting the stuff for this coming raya, I enjoyed the feeling of breaking fast nearby mosque with a big group of people I called my Muslim family. During azan Maghrib, we sat together at the outskirt of the mosque and enjoyed a little not too much meal and I realize how differences in skin color or races or even languages that we speak everyday are actually just a border line which shows Allah swt is such an Almighty. A family of Pakistani enjoying their meal with a smile on the faces while another group of Malay students sitting next to us, eating some deeds while waiting for the rest of other jamaah. I'm glad that I did treasure this little experience of being away from my comfort zone. Maybe another chance next time?

And I'm home again :)

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