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Friday, October 5, 2012
135. Everything Is Fiction @ Friday, October 05, 2012

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"Stella is coming toward the end of the line. 

The line that she didn't even realize the existence long ago, hiding below the deepest white sand. Funny how she was later drown into her deepest sea of thought about the late accident every time she see Letto. She's torn up between the happiness of being recognized and the urge to remain mystery. Like a shadow in the faded light, Letto might even realize the same, but the gap seems widen, a gap of sky he might say. The road gets infinite, so he ignore her. Did nothing about her, not even please with an inch of thought. 

Because Letto is so in love. The sheepish smile written on his face, the light up inside his eyes when the girl walks by, connecting a secret tunnel between them. A question being asked and an answer being told. 

"I found her, already." And they both smiling.

Stella was hinted from distance, she knew it long ago. He laid a quick glance at her, she fakes her smile so he won't see how devastated she was. Soon she heard herself whispered to the silent soul, "Just rest your case, it wasn't you from the beginning. He'll never notice." Now the main problem is, how?

Because at the end of the day the agony inside heart still wants to continue drawing the line.

Please let it be engrave in a long and a deep way by then.."

( Jerk, can you please stop eating roti terabur in front of me tyvm )


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