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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
136. Lee Hyunwoo Meet and Greet & Super Asia Ticket Launch Event @ Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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It's been a while since I got myself busying into the serious business ㅡof real fan-girling world. 

The last one was back during Mo.A 2011 on November last year, remember? It's okay if you don't. So many stars have come into Malaysia yet I've been neglecting them ( since we need to pay quite an inappropriate amount of money just to see them lol ) until October 14th came by. To spice up my boring student life, I decided to skip my Sunday's regulatory duty and head up to Kenanga Wholesale City to join the long queue of purchasing early bird ticket for Super Asia Showcase guesting SJ-M, Exo-M and BtoB. 

( Yes I already got mine, safe and soundly keep inside the notebook. I'm happy to mention that I don't even need to queue for 6 hours just to get my desired cheapest ticket lol ._.v -previous SuShow3 seeing me cramping my legs for one bloody pass paper- )

Since the lucky me getting the ticket earlier than what I thought, I went sneak out into Sungei Wang to see the currently hot topic K-drama actor, Lee Hyunwoo of To The Beautiful You, in conjunction of the OneTV Asia meet and greet event in Malaysia. The guy who played Cha Eungyeol is quite resembling his character in real life in my opinion. Who can ever forget the super adorable bright smiles and shy giggles Eungyeol every single time he had his childish thought about Gu Jaehee? :D Not to mention he did render a few phrase from his famous Kwiyeowo song, so fans went chanting it together with him oh cute! Lol. 

With no doubt, the event went smoothly and fun too. 5 lucky winners choose from random VIP passers got themselves a hug, an autograph and a photo-session with Hyunwoo. I had one chair ( which falls from the sky ) for me to climb to get a better vision of him but the event wasn't taking much time to my surprise. It started at 4 PM and ended around 4.45 PM. Still, always better than never, I had so much fun seeing Lee Hyunwoo in person also getting myself a date ticket with Cho Kyuhyun XD 

What a day, pheew~

p/s: Funny things happened, life has been pretty productive and you can say that I'm pretty happy with myself :)

-121014 Lee Hyunwoo Meet & Greet Fans-meeting; the closest I could be-

*Me- trying to sneak out into Hyunwoo's arm from running escalator*

-Crazy fans trolling around made me having another backache-

-121014 Super Asia Showcase in Malaysia Ticket Launching-


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