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Sunday, October 28, 2012
137. October's Story @ Sunday, October 28, 2012

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It feels like forever since the last time I blogged in. So let me go random. 

1. I got a new haircut! Its short and its horrible. 

2. Somehow I become so motivated after attending sister's graduation day. I am. It feels as if after going through an aberration of life events and emotions that have kept every single student on a perpetual roller-coaster for what has seemed like a lifetime, finally they've reach the end and seize what future has offer and whatever it is. I know that I sound so crappy right now, but I'm really glad that I did attend the event, renewing the resolution once again, to fight till the end with a degree in my grasp InsyaAllah! ( Although you can say that being dragged from the hills to the bottom of the corner to capture your sister's moment was reallyreally tiring.. )

Anyhow, happy graduation kaklong! ♡

3. Last individual presentation really got me mumbling alone regarding my own talent. Even though the speech went off smoothly on track, somehow I ended up believing that I don't have any distinct talent to be proud of. I'm not good in cooking, really mess up with stitching, horrible voice; cannot sings well and whatnot. Thing happened when I passed an awkward moment where everyone in the class was talking about their skills and talents and I was like; hey people I can breath. There is part of me that want to show everyone about my rusty sketching technique but it was too artsy, and come to think of it, the rest of my additional talents are so lousy. 

ㅡso I ended up doing some medical action for first aid steps, which is absolutely not fun. See, talking about theoretical-based student, why am I so boring like that Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ And yes I'm aware that most of the blame goes to the lazy me.

4. Found this quote from somewhere around the net and it simply cracks me to the bottom. Haha!
I don't need to flirt you, I will just seduce you with my awkwardness. 
( Because it turns out exactly like my social life's motto rofl. Really am! )

5. Life is such a drama. 

When Yan called me out of the blue past week ago and told me about how she accidentally met an engaged, handsome player guy pretending to be single (?) it was hilarious to be honest. Usually these kind of story is nowhere to be found but inside a drama. So I tried to rekindle the scene with my own life, but my drama was a mixed of fairy tale; so it turns out to be a little ridiculous ( with unicorns and dragons, you see. )  

However there is always a huge twist on the tale. But I try to be content with it. That will be suffice at the moment :)

ㅡanyway my life is a K-drama worth attention loljk.

6. Need to admit that sometimes I did whining about how life is unfair to me, about how I got jealous with people who get better results than me when I worked myself like thousand times harder than them, about this and about that; that it makes me somehow look grumpy from outside. So the angel insides me quietly said, "You know what, at the end of the day no matter how hard you hit the rock bottom, the only other way to keep the spirit on is to serve yourself up with a full lengthy smiles." So self, let's smile!

ㅡand be crazy.

It is indeed a fun thing browsing through the blogs and Facebook, seeing how other friends managing their life in some other places, experiencing something new that I never get a chance, yet :)

Maybe one day, one very fine day.

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