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Wednesday, November 7, 2012
138. A Student's Happiness @ Wednesday, November 07, 2012

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My odd temperament succeed to pop-up another me looking cool in front of people when my heart was actually jumped seeing the dean list on administration table. It wasn't my first to be honest, however be it tremendously amazing or poor pointer, I rarely put myself into this serious kind of worth-attention-matter which is rather peculiar. It is always a dream for every single student to be famously features in the Dean List of their university, and so do I. I am still another mere student who wanted to see all pleasures I'd sacrifice; the night I stayed for revision, the weekend on library to come back with a bucket full of fruitiness at the end of the day.

But what matter the most for me is how do I  keep myself happy with the path that I took. I want to enjoy the happiness of doing what I like; you might say it covers my fan-girling life, my passion for photography, and other distract-able stuffs; yet still manage to score a decent result in examination :) The hype of studying might rose ups and go downs, as I'll probably will get agitated with stuffs in the middle of the way but rather than letting it drains away, I'll use it as my additional marks-up in future. Anyways that's what study is all about.

Hmmpphh the happiness of ticking the box of resolution..
7) To get on the Year 2011/2012 Dean List receiver ☑
All praises goes to Allah swt :)


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