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Friday, December 14, 2012
142. Fan-account: Super Asia Showcase 2012 @ Friday, December 14, 2012

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So how should I start the fan-account.
np: No Other - SJ.

[December 11th, 2012]

11.00 AM - I finally fully awake from sleep at 11 am. It was a chill morning and I logged into my twitter account only to see the updates from my twitter-lists whom already reach at the venue. It was a massive riot picture with everyone mostly wearing blue shirt packed within one another. There's slightly nervous in my stomach thinking that my decision to come late will leads to failure in securing good place in the showcase. My partner -in-crime, Syakirah Puteri (Lala) texting me about the last minute ticket bargaining and we decided to trade in the upper zone with a super zone pass. I was torn up between sneaking a DSLR or Samsung digital camera into the showcase lol but ended up risking my Samsung (which I regret it later.) In between the excitement, I personally think this concert was the most unprepared event I ever attend because I was still in the middle of ticket bargaining, decided to come of so late (I didn't manage to get any free hand-banner at all lol not that I really crave for it but it just that I got tons back in Super Show days cos I came so early) and yes without a blue light-stick cause the battery is already worn out heheh. 

4.50 PM - Reaching at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC) after losing direction at Masjid Jamek's monorail station and waited for Lala to come joining me waiting for the ticket buyers. It was my first meeting Lala in person,  she was a stranger tbh but the feeling was like meeting an old friend of mine since we're like a total chaos pair on Twitter heee. While waiting for the buyers to come, Lala and Maya (her little cousin) finished up their fan-board, I kept on giggling at the board it was full with love lines to idols LOL. Later we were introduced with Ayu, the ticket buyer so she joined us together as she came to the showcase alone.

6.15 PM - We decided to leave for a Maghrib prayer at surau behind the Kenanga Mall, and these is where all the excitement began. Reaching the back-entrance of KWC, we saw a flock of Rela uniform men waiting inside a box of guard rail and we were like "Are they waiting for SJ to come?!!" and "Omg omg let's wait here!" 4 of us were standing at the side of the rail with one Chinese guy while another group of 10-15 fangirls stand at the front corner of the guard rail. A few minutes later, a row of white van mixing with black vans coming from the right direction and we started to scream for no reason. It was a messed up situation to be honest with Exo M's Kris suddenly popped up from the van and climb the stairs, Lala and me were like "OMG KRIS WO AI NI!!" and he smiles (more to smirk) and we're like getting into "EH! IS HE KRIS OR LAY??!" confusion. (Aren't both of them look the same? Hmfh) Maybe he heard that so he waves back to 5 of us. LOL. I vaguely remember the rest of the member, friendly Luhan waving back at us and we were like an idiot fangirls at that moment but I managed to snap Tao's looking at us, though it was a blurry picture. 

Later another black vans coming through and 6 red uniform guys exited from the vehicles. It was BtoB for goodness sake. I was like "THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE." Minhyuk was the first coming out, I remember him well on Irresistible Lips MV lol so I shouted at him "MINHYUKKKKKK!" You can imagine that well aren't you? He waves back at us (He seems so stern to be honest, with deep stare at our direction) And I forgot the rest of member's name, so I was like "BtoB Jjang!" HAHAHAHAH WHAT A NOONA FEELINGS I GOT MYSELF INTO OKAY CRAP. I don't know who's the yellow hair  guy he was so obvious in my camera is it Hyunsik? (It's blurred version, again. I should change the camera mode into recording, was too screwed up seeing idols lol)

Exo-M and BtoB's back-entrance!

7.00 PM - We kept on waiting for SJ until Maghrib's azan echoing around, so we went to pray at the surau nearby. 15 minutes before the showcase started (8.00 PM on paper) 4 of us headed back into the mall before encountered two RELA uncles (we managed to force them telling us if SJ has arrived or not) they were like "The two groups arrived will sing first lah, the last one very late -one hour later will arrive here." Doubting their information, but we still headed into the mall. I went into a shockingly leisure ticket/bag/tag check-up by Marctensia staffs, the guard asked me to drink all water and leave the bottle outside so I told him that I'm not gonna throw the bottle to stage if he allows me to bring it in but apparently he said no. Puih.

8.00 PM - Standing side by side at U-Mobile entrance, Lala, Maya and me greeted another Twitter friend, Kak Didie. She was so excited of meeting Malaysian born-actor, Nazim Othman who's apparently standing nearby at the showcase front board. Without wasting any time, Lala and Maya headed to him and requested to take picture with him lmfao. I was at my best trying to hold my laugh at the moment (No people I don't fancy him) and Kak Didie calling him "Nazim dongsaeng!" so he gave Am-I-your-dongsaeng? look to both of us HAHAHAHA!

8.15 PM - Lala and me decided to get off the crowd and head to the back-entrance once more. But the big LCD finally stopped playing the advertisements (Kenanga Mall ads, OneHD ads, Kenanga Mall again, OneHD again.) and out of sudden after some pushy mushy moment, BtoB appeared on the stage with Irresistible Lips! Asjklfkdl wanna spazz but no, I ran to Lala (which later secretly asked one Marctensia staff if SJ already arrive or not, and she said "No." with a sheepish smile to us hehe.) We got off to the ground floor of the mall, and walked to the back entrance, where there were still the same group of 15 fangirls at one side. We stand at right side of the entrance with the same evening Chinese guy (He was alone, and quiet.) Lala asked him if he know SJ, and he answered "I'm Siwon-biased from KL." For goodness sake, he's a legit fanboy so both of us were like "Yaah." over-acting lmao.

Definitely not the closest.

8.30 PM - While everyone on the top of the mall screaming for BtoB, we were standing firm at the ground waiting for miracle to come. It wasn't that long, another trip of vans coming through and I was like "This is it! Live life or die trying!" Exaggerate. I finally set a video recording mode on the camera but don't bother asking me to upload it, you will only see how the camera moves up and down, left and right with Lala and me screaming "ZHOUMI!" He didn't smiled though, almost everyone in SJ-M didn't smile back, they just looked at us with a blank gaze lol. Ryeowook wore sunglasses, Hyuk passed by with us mesmerized with his grey hair, Henry smiles at us, I didn't catch Hae's glimpse but Lala told me he was there and Sungmin was out of our sight. 

It was betwen Hyuk and Henry when we started to lose count on the members, but for freaking everyone sake, Cho Kyuhyun my /number one bias/ in entire universe ㅡhe climbed the stairs with his bagpackㅡwe saw him and screamed the loudest "KYUHYUUUUN!!!!!"ㅡhe looked at us, maybe thought it was fun seeing 2 girls and one guy standing at the corner shrieking lungs out, decided to SMILE AND WAVING AT US /ME/ LEGIT SMILE THAT I CAN FEEL MY EYES GROW HOT WITH TEARS. It was like my very best few seconds in my life. 


(note: Should I even bother typing the rest of the showcase details? cos I'm already head over heels with Kyuhyun-Me moment ahihi) 

8.40 PM - EXO-M

Carefully we ran back inside the mall with all butterflies feeling inside the stomach but slowly the circulation is returning to our body. Reaching the venue, BtoB was half-away performing Wow and soon they ended up with "Terima kasih Malaysia!" and stuff. I was pretty much feeling screwed cause I missed watching BtoB live but I guess nothing appeals me more than Kyuhyun. :) Later Exo-M taking place on the stage, it was really smooth baton-passing-event and too fast to be ignore (?) They performed History, Angel (I love this song the most!) What Is Love and finally MAMA. Leader Kris talked in English and he got both of us wow-ing the fluency. And the Chen guy was the only one greeting in Korean "Anyeonghasaeyo" and stuffs cute cute. Luhan was standing at the nearest stage to me and he is too pretty for a guy, looks somehow like a doll. It's really depressing, I mean I'm supposed to be a more cuter girl than Luhan, aren't I? LOL. They also said that Malaysian fans are really smart because we can speak at least more than one language, why do I found this fact very hilarious lol

9.15 PM - SJ-M

When the MC asked us to scream for SJ-M, I was nearly half-drown with my own perspiration. It was so hot and suddenly I was standing closer to the stage. Can you believe that? The guard rail surrounded the stage was just a hand-by me and I have nobody to blame but SJ-M. They sang Super Girl, Love Doesn't Walk Alone, Me, Destiny and Perfection. Kyuhyun was almost hyper during Introduction. He asked the fans if he is Kyuhyun lmao. Right or wrong, here and there, ups and downs whatever Guixian. Tricking the MC-s saying that his hobby during leisure time is reading books is another thing lol how can I not love this guy. Hyukjae, Zhoumi and Donghae were nearby my area and during Destiny, Hae was like a flawless damn perfection, playing with one video camera he got somewhere ;A; This guy is really. Perfection fan-chant was daebak! I forgot all the lines tbh but once I heard the music, the SS3/Youth Day feeling just grow into me urghhh.  

EunHae stand exactly in front of me.

I was experiencing a terrible neck-ache and back-ache, my hands couldn't take it anymore to snap their picture. Two tall girls in front of me standing on a small chair (maybe they brought from home) so they kinda look like a giant fangirls blocking my view from stage I was so pissed off but what can I do ;A; During the questions and answers session, I was almost fainting so I couldn't concentrate on the topic matter. What I remember was when the MC asked SJ-M to say "I Love You Malaysia Fans" in Mandarin and HaeRy ended up doing "Chup chup" -kissing sounds- on the mic lmfao cheesy. 

Siwon was not here in Malaysia so they got some surprise video from him for Malaysian fans but I ended up giggling, Kyuhyun and Henry squatting on the stage while watching Siwon on big LCD. Cute maknaes :3 When MC asked are they going to come here again with Siwon, they said "Yagsog!" means Promise showing the pinky finger. Then they started guessing about Malaysia's tropical fruits name and it was hilarious. Mangosteens, Jack-fruits (Kyuhyun: Strawberry! lmao) Rambutan (Hae: Egg!) Langsat and Durian (Wook: I like it! Me: Lmfaotrololol) will forever be engraved with SJ xD 

Three questions were asked, one is about SJ-M long stay in Malaysia which Hyuk ended up asking back "Why don't you guys come to our room instead, we can cook for you, and drink coffee with you.." but Kyuhyun insisted that "Our room has no space already, everyone need to sleep in standing position." LOL. The second one is about SJ-M collaboration/new album and Donghae tried to reveal the new song's dance so Kyuhyun hugged him because this guy apparently keep on blowing SJ's secret lol. 


Favorite namjas ♥

The last question ignites everyone's interest on their top pairing, I almost wanted to scream KyuHyuk when I heard a fanboy beside me screaming "ChangKyu!" Lmfao. Anyways, I guess Kyuhyun will never choose Hyukjae if he were a girl, cos Hyuk is always a bad temperament hyung he likes to play with heee :'D I don't need another lovey dovey pairing in SJ, my bullying partner is for life! XD

10.30 PM - The showcase ends with SJ-M performing Perfection and saying goodbye to everyone of us. It was sad, Ayu and me walked to the front road before realized that we were walking besides Xiumin/Luhan's van LOL. In between the chaos, Luhan showed a thumbs up sign to us omg so lovely kiddos ;A; We ran to the back entrance and saw quite a big number of fangirls waiting there. We stand at the same area knowing that SJ will walked pass the stairs in front of us and about 10 minutes later, the first person exited from the door was Kyuhyun. Freaking Kyuhyun in black t-shirt, holding lots of stuff. I screamed my best again, and he looked at our area and waved back. My bias is beautiful now you know it. He knew that his long awaited wife made from heaven was standing there and decided to wave at the same old direction LOL STOP ME FROM CRAPPING PLS. Hyukjae came out portraying his bright gummy smile, Henry exited soon after he posted a tweet on Twitter, almost every member was smiling now. The happy thought about Malaysian fans made them smile, what a happy fangirl I can be n___n 

"Cho Kyuhyun, I want nobody nobody but chuu."


p/s: I couldn't sleep for the whole night for some weird reasons.

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